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young mum with kids Lock Rss

hi iam a mother of 5 i am 23 i have 4 girls and 1 boy i had no idea what boys were like he is a hand ful


Hi crissa,

my name is larnie and i am 21 and i have a 7 month old son joshua. I am also the oldest of 5 children in my family i have 3 sisters and one brother.

If you need anyone to chat to my email address is [email protected]


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

hey crissa
wow, u must certainly have your hands full!! how old are your kids? i am early 20's, and plan to have 3 or 4 kids, but at the moment i only have 1 ... a gorgeous 3 and a half month old son!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

hi tanika she is 7 kourtney she is 6 , shania 5 tuqiri 2 and braithan he is 11 months. so yes i do have my hand full i have 3 at school and a very wounderful partner.


hi crissa, i'm 20 and i have a 11 month old beast..oops i mean daughter.

Mum to Vanessa (April 03)

Hi Crissa - 5 kiddies??? I'm 23 with a 3 month old and I have a hard enough time just with her I'm consantly tired. I take my hat off to you.
*I don't know anyone my age with kids, so if any one would like to get in contact this is my email:

[email protected]


Dest,VIC, 3mth baby

Hi Crissa,
I am a 22 year old mum of 2, A boy and a girl. I found the exact opposite, my daughter is a handfull! and My son is easy compared to her! If you would like to chat I have MSN [email protected]

Cristie, SA, boy 18/04/01, girl 22/05/03

Hi Crissa,

I do take my hat off to you!!! Well done!!!
Wow at the age of 23 you have 5 children and yes that must be a handful but at the end a bundle of joys around the house. I have a 7 month old son - but im 29 and I cant wait to have another one.
Take care... by the way - what are the age brackets??

Erika, NSW

Hi young mum with 5 children. Twenty three is young. But i have a daughter that has three children also and she had them all under the age the 21 yrs. Boys can be a handful but i "boys are boys". As for girls, some girls can be a on going handful right through to there adult yrs. I have two grown son 28yrs and 20yrs. My daughters are 27yrs and the daughter that had three children under the age of 21yrs is now 25yrs old. I have now adopdted a child whom was my first cousin son which i got him from brith straight from his mum and into my arms. His name is Robin-Anzio and he is 6mths old. Been a young parent has its ups and downs. But i think if you have a supportive family thats there for you when the going gets tough its just so awesome to have your famiy. The three children that my daughter had i have raised them only because she was a young mum and they are my grandchildren. She has them the weekends because she works nightshift.


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Hi tonipie young mum with kids. My cousin got involved with a man that had children to his previous relationship and he was left to look after them when the relationship ended. The boys are now 9yrs @ 10yrs. The boys were 4 and 5 back when they first met. Anyway my cousin married this man and together they have had two girls and one boy Robin-Anzio the baby i have adopted. She asked me to have her baby when said found out that she was preg.... again in her early stages she could of had a abortion but anyway she didn't have that abortion she asked me and my husband. Her husband was agreeable to this arrangement and was fully supportive to the arrangements that were put in place for this baby before he was even born. My cousin wouldn't of been able to take on another child not with the hassels she has with the boys. Anyway her and her husbands reasons giving there child to us was because of the two boys and how much of a struggle it has been for my cousin to raise them as her own with all the hassels that she has with these boys... The boys were completely disfunctional boys because of the stress the father had in the relationship with their mother and the boys have been through an hard time going from one extrem to another. These boys never got the nurture that they needed as young boys growing up only the hassel and bussels. My cousin new she could offer her unborn child a secure home with my whanau.


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