Kia ora Toni, Doesn't it make your heart bleed when the Justice system can be so stuffed up. The very ones that are getting a raw deal here are your poor darling boys.. Sometimes a roof over their heads and food in their bellies isn't the right move at all. Children need more than that.. Love, secure, security, and a solid foundation to stand there feet on. Sorry to hear that you had to go through all the heartaches and pain. All my aroha to you girl. When is the justice system ganna get it right they stuff up so much. Its lovely to hear that you have now found yourself a absolutely wonderful husband and that you also have a precious baby girl. And most importantly of all that your pathway now is fulled with happiness. You stay strong and focused and hopefully one day soon you will get to see your boys again. Don't you feel guity about moving away you done the right thing. Hang in there your boys will turn up one day. Keep in touch very concerned about the way you have been treated in your life... I feel for people when i know that life has been a tough and hard road.