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When do babies start to laugh Lock Rss

Hi Chelby

I have twin boys - one started to laugh at about 3mths, they are now nearly 4mths and I still only have one laughing boy! So each and every baby is different
hi kica

hannah is 6mths old now and has only laughed a couple of times, but all we have to do is look at her and she smiles. im not really that worried its just so cute when she laughs

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

My gorgeous wee man has just gone 2 months old, and has just started to try laughing!!
I've discovered that he loves Monsters Inc, which I have on DVD. It's a great movie, nice and colourful, so I thought it would be a great movie for him to watch, and see different colours.
I heard him babbling away the other day, and next thing you know, he's squealing with delight. He does it everytime now, and his squeals are getting closer to a laugh! It's amazing to hear and see, and my heart just about bursts with joy everytime I hear that wonderful sound.

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

Hi Chelby,
I can't remember the exact date Liam started to laugh (I have it written down though). Sometimes he down this really cute chuckle that stops me in my tracks as its hysterical and it makes me crack up at it (hubby also).
How many other bubs have a funny, but cute, laugh?

member since 2004

Well, Im proud to report that Aidan had his first laugh last Friday! It is the most amazing feeling!! (I got a bit emotional about it even)!!!
He hasn't really laughed since, but he will chuckle if you sing to him. Otherwise he's still doing his little delightful squeal!
Now I know how you girls feel when you hear your wee ones laugh. It is amazing isn't it? Makes you so very proud!!

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

My daughter is 16 weeks and she laughed for the first time yesterday at her big sister..... It was so great as Bill and I were both there to see it smile

?Anni? QLD, Mummy 2 Courtney & Madisyn040.05)

i am 31yr old 1st time mum.

i'm wondering at around what age do babies actually laugh.

my daughter is 16wks old. and she does the biggest smiles. smile

my lil girl started laughing before she was 2 months she is 2 months and a few days
its so funny when she laughs!
IT varies.

My ds is 5 months and first laughed at about 12 weeks I think. It was more a giggle for the first few weeks, and then developed to a laugh although he still only does a little and then stops. Hasn't yet done a roaring belly laugh like the cute bubs you see on youtube cackling away.
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