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wobbly neck Lock Rss

My 12 week old baby's neck is still wobbly. She tends to lean to the right when in the pram or rocker and although I use a neck support for her and have been doing tummy time with her, she still leans to the right. What age should a baby be able to keep it's head upright and is there any other exercise I can do or should I consult a physiotherapist, do they have ones for babies?
Something to help with tummy time, is to roll up a cloth nappy and place under your baby's chest with their arms forward. I wouldn't be too concerned yet, each baby is different in their development. I would check with a CHN first and see what they say if you are really concerned.



yes they do have physiotherapist for kids i went to one with corey as i notice that he was leaning to the left and not using his right side. They told me that he had a tight muscle in his neck and they gave me excerices to do they were not fun to do and he hated them but it was only for a short time. If you are worried there is no harm in checking it out.

vicky tamara 3 corey 5 months

my son had this issue also, and I have always taken my children to a chiropractor. one particular day I took him to the chiro who also checked in his ears, and I was informed to get him straight to the doc as he had a perforated ear drum & an ear infection - this is what was affecting his balance. something to think about... get that checked if you're worried about balance thing. OH, ps, I find that after a treatment with the chiro, you don't have any follow up exercises to do - as a physio often likes to happen (not that that's a bad thing - I just prefer a chiro), the chiro adjustment is enough to balance everything out.
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