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how much does your 9 month baby weigh Lock Rss

Hi Everyone
just seeing if theres any nine month old babys around and how much do they weigh. benjamin is nearly 9 1/2 months and he weighs 9.8kg. Not crawling yet and only has i tooth.

anne, benjamin 1/1/05, matthew 18/07/07

Hi Anne
My boy is 8 months. Just had him weighed at 7kgs (little runt). He has 1 tooth also. He's crawling and getting into his older sisters toys!

Bindi, WA, mum of two

Kelly is 10kg, 74cm long, Has just got another tooth up the top and 3 more are coming through, she started crawling at 6 months, and has been non stop ever since.

Kelly's mum (14/01/05) walking

Hi there,

Just read your post, my 9 month old girl weighs 9.2 kgs, has just gotten her first tooth and is not crawling yet either - she is trying but to no avail as yet. My nurse advised me this not a development stage anyway as alot of babies do not crawl at all so that is comforting - worrying little things arent they ????
Take care
Hi there my son is 9.12 and he is 9.96kg and he has six teeth and crawles and pull's himself up on everything does you'r baby yell when he want's anything.and he say's mum mum,dad,baba.

nesha. nz.10 month old baby boy

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