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Cut in the gum??? Lock Rss

Hi everybody,

I was just wondering, i noticed a cut in Ethan's gum last night and can feel the sharpness of his first tooth. But when should we expect it to pop through?? Does it take very long??



shouldnt tate too long, jesse is now 15 months and has all 20 teeth. Once we could feel it only a couple of days and they were there. Is your little one grizzly with his teeth
Hi Kasey,

My little girl cut her first tooth a week ago and it is still only a little way through - a friends little boys tooth took 3 months to come through fully !!! Abbi HATES us trying to put our finger in her mouth - it is a real wrestle, I thought it was suppoesed to feel nice for their teeth, us rubbing the gums but apparently not for our little one.
Take care
Abbis mum
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