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Crawling Lock Rss

Hi ALL, I have a 7 month old baby boy. My husband keeps saying "put him on the floor and let him crawl". He isnt crawling as yet - just loves to roll around. Though I keep telling him all children are different. His brother's son who is 8.5 months is crawling now and I think started crawling at around 7 months or started to learn how to crawl close to the 7 month old mark.
He will learn to crawl shortly.. will he???
Though, I must admit - I always think he wants to walk first as he keeps wanting to stand up.

Erika, NSW

Hi Erika,

How are you?? Don't worry if your baby isn't crawling yet. My son who is now 16 months old only started to crawl when he was 14 months old. He did the "bum shuffle" for a long time. We used to put him on his stomach and he hated it. Oneday he just started crawling. He has just started to learn to pull himself up onto furniture to stand.
Every child is different some do just get up and walk and never crawl.

Karen, Vic, Nicholas 26/10/02

Hi Erika,
Your son will crawl at his own pace. My son use to army crawl for a few months before starting to crawl on his hands and knees at 9 months of age. The more he is allowed down on the floor though, the more he will learn, and could start crawling sooner then you expect.

Some babies don't even crawl at all, but your son will crawl, walk or whatever he wants to do, at his own pace.

Mother of 3, Qld

Thanks for your input... I know one day he will crawl its so very exciting watching and waiting for every next move they do.

Erika, NSW

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