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Early waking Lock Rss

Hi there,
Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions about Abbi waking now at 5.30 - 6am. She is now 9 months old (how time flies) !! and has always slept till 7am. We have done the WONDERFUL Tizzie Hall routine since 6 months very succesfully but in the last 2 - 3 weeks she now wakes early. This is hard because I am now suppoesed to be stretching her out till bed at 9.30 am (due to new routine), which would be fine if she was waking at 7 but it is hard enough at the moment getting her to 9am because of her waking so early.
Any suggestions would be appreciated,
Abbis mum
my son is 14 months and has started doin this. there is another post somewheer in here and i think we all agreed it was cause the sun is risng earlier. ARe u where the daylight saving starts ina week or so? I have keft my son to go as in a week or so the clock goes fwd anyway and it will be 6:30 rather than 5:30. Its frustratin having to get up tha early and Ive had to go back to 2 naps, but he also goes to bed earlier. he sleeps till 5:30 wether hes in bed at 5:30 or 8! ( he goes at 7 though and sometimes 6:30 due to his early waking)

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