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I was just wondering how long until your babies grew out of 'newborn' nappies. I'm in the middle of gathering a supply and I don't want to buy more than I need. Does newborn usually mean a few weeks? Months? 6 months? Thankyou
[Edited on 29/01/2008]

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newborn is the first 6 weeks but it totally depends on how big your baby is when they are born. Some friends babies have never fitted the newborn size but my DD was in them for about 6-7 weeks. Maybe buy a few packs but don't go overboard in case bubs grows out of them and you can't use them. Sorry if thats not helpful!
It depends on the size of the packet... If you are buying the bulk packs (100) Just buy one pack and leave it at that!

My DD was in newborns till she was 3 months old, whilst my godson was only in them for 6 weeks! It depends on how big your bubba is...

My DD was in the newborn size for 4 months using around a box (108) per fortnight.
Totally depends on the size of the bub. Our son was in newborn nappies for 1 week. He's 16 weeks and is growing out of the Crawlers. We stocked up on newborn nappies as I looked 6 months pregnant at the end so we thought we were having a small to average bub... Leo weighed in at 4.5kg! We didn't use them, so we left them with the Children's Health Centre for the nurses to give to other parents. Nice gesture... but expensive lol! Get one bulk pack to be safe.
Dont buy to many cause if you have a big baby you'll grow out of them really fast,

1 box of 100 should be fine to start with
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We used Newborns for about the first 4 weeks and then had to go up to the next size. You will probably use anywhere between 5 to 8 nappies a day. I used to change everytime I did a feed. Now that she is nearly 11 months I usually use 5 nappies a day.

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I got given 4 boxes of new born nappies when DD was born and once i finished these i changed to the infant size. I think it was about 6 weeks or something but if i had more i would have used them, don't worry about buying too many you will use them until they run out.
As everyone else has said - don't go over board - my son only lasted 4 weeks and my daughter 2 weeks in them but I have big babies! My boy was 4.4 Kg and my girl was 4.9kg!
Dont do what we did and buy 4 boxes (108). We used 2 boxes and that was it. Buy one box and see how you go.
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