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Not Crawling Yet! Lock Rss

I know that every child develops at his or her own pace, but is there anyone else out there whose older baby is not crawling yet. My baby who achieved other milestones quickly, is yet to crawl and is 10 months. When do you become concerned. A friend scared me yesterday when she commented "What he's not crawling yet? Shouldn't he have done that by now?"

Should I be worrying?

HF, NT, 10mth baby

hi thomas
no you shouldn't be worried,cause my boy is 13months and still not crawling.they will do it when they are ready.
william is sliding around on his bottom,cause he prefers to sit then to be on his stomach.
don't worry about other people say,if you are concerned see your doctor.

where about do you live if you are on the goldcoast i can recommend someone to you,he is really good.

let me know thomas my name is melissa.
talk to you soon.
Be thankful!!!

my little treasure crawled at 5mths and walked just before 8mths. This was a nightmare. He doesn't have the maturity yet to understand dangers and just falls over things all of the time. He is now 11 mths and climbs up on the lounge and jumps off.

I think the later they crawl and walk the better their skills would be. I never had that nice time where bub just sits and plays as he mastered sitting after crawling.

Just remember that they are all different and for us early walkers we are extremely jealous of your type of bub.

Enjoy while u can and eventually he'll come about in leaps and bounds.

Take care


Dear Melissa,

Thank you sooo much for your words of encouragement. Its nice to know that there are other bubs just like your own. My boy sounds just like yours, preferring to sit then be on his stomach. I unfortunately do not live on the Gold Coast, but you could still recommend that doctor you mentioned. I have relatives in Brisbane, so the next time I visit them maybe I could visit this person on the Gold Coast.

Thank you once again for your advice Melissa.

HF, NT, 10mth baby

hi thomas
his name is david anderson he is really good and its free for children.he is a naturopathy which is better cause all natural things.

his address and number is (07)55974155
suite7 ashmore professional centre
115 currumburra road ashmore qld 4214

even if you ring him and get some advice over the phone,he is a nice guy.
i hope this helps you but still don't worry cause i was the same until my mum said don't worry he will do it when he is ready.
need anymore help lets me know.

talk to you soon melissa
Hi Thomas I wouldn't be worried
My son is 9 1/2 months old & is commando crawling. He can crawl properly but chooses not too. I went to the clinic the other day & the child health nurse told me he may never crawl properly but thats ok.
If you are still worried go to the clinic & speak to one of the nurses.
Hope this helps

Mel & 2 boys Daniel 20/5/03 & Jesse 9/3/07

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