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13 weeks old starting to! Lock Rss

My little man is now 13 weeks old and for the past few days has really started to fussed when having his bottle especially his last one at 10ish. Today he has been the grumpiest I have ever seen him and he has 2 white bumps on his bottom gum. All he wants to do is chew on me, himself or anything he can get in his mouth! I've given him a little pandol but it doesn't seem to be doing much, should I give him his age dose of 3 month old or his weight dose which is meant to be around a 6 month olds? (he's about 7.5kg) He isn't sleeping well, every sleep he wakes up after about an hour has a whinge for about 5 minutes then goes back to sleep for an hour. How long does it take for the tooth to cut through? How long will he be in pain for? How do I help him sleep through it? Can you give bubs pandol without giving a feed a time soon? Help I know nothing about teething!!!! Thanks
Hi Kel, i would give him the dose for his weight - my eldest daughter (although smaller in the beginning then Jorja) was always bigger than what the bottle stated. Get Jeb a teething ring that you can put in the fridge, the coolness on his gums will work wonders. I know this can be hard as he is still young and might not hold onto it properly or for any length of time. Teething gel - while not the best solution - can help for short periods like before a feed or before bed to help him go off to sleep. Any hard toys that he can mouth also help. It's awful when your baby starts reaching milestones before they are "supposed to". It's like they are growing up too fast. My 4 year old walked at 9 months and it was funny watching my baby waddle along!!

Emily, NSW, Kaziah 28-8-01 and Jorja 3-8-05

My babe has been teething for about 6 weeks now and is now 4.5mths old, he fusses at his face always has his fists in his mouth and esp for last few days has been quite miserable (also not sleeping as long at night) ad fussy feeding - yes its been a barrel of laughs!!!

I give Panadol when the pain seems bad and regularly put on Bonjela - just yesterday baught a gummy (recommended by a mum on this site) which I put in the fridge - anything cool seems to help also any hard teething toys.

It is not fun and is hard to see them in pain, it can go on for quite a while - my older child didnt seem as bad but both do the drooling thing.

I guess we can but try to get thru the stage...good luck

SA mum, Lis 17/6/00 and Harry 19/6/05

My DD had traditional teething side effects from 10 weeks, with the first popping through at 12 weeks. It was frustrating as there is hardly any products for that age (teething rings etc).

I didn't use any panadol back then, opting for a little bonjella and a massge of her gums.

She is much worse now as has two big molars moving up the top. I have used panadol (as per directions on the packet) but at times it doesn't make a difference.

We have a few rough nights then it seems to settle down again. I keep trying all the normal settling stuff, feed, bath, walk, drive, cuddle (etc) until some-thing works. I always make sure she has some thing to chew on as it comforts her and helps the teethies push through.

From all accounts it seems that teething is one of the worst times. Its frustrating for us as parents as we're use to a really good little girl, but she can crank up when teething.

Best of luck !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

i would also give nurofen a go. Because it helps more for pain. well it did for my little guy. He was teething at the same time your little one is - but his teeth didnt pop through until 4months.

he is now almost 9months and has 8 teeth which he has had since he was 7months old i found the best teething solution why dont you give it a go...

Its made by tommee tippee - its brand new to our shelves it came out 3weeks ago and it was called something like "small feeder" and its got like a mesh material bag connected to a plastic teething ring and it opens up. You can put icecues in the mesh bag or even those motherly cubes or if you make your own, but some pear icecubes in it. It has certainly been a good sent for us, because as soon as they are bothering him he sucks on it for ages.

I had also heard in the old days they used to put ice in the ends of stockings. - its a similar technique but its a real teething toy now! Give it ago, i got it from target, but have seen them in myre also -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi Jeb's Mum, My daughter started teething at 12 weeks old. I found that the best thing to use is a product by BRAUER called TEETH RELIEF, it is an all natural product you can buy from the Chemist. I found using this during the day & Panadol at night works really well. She is now 5 months old & has her 2 bottom teeth & her 1st top 1 is coming through already. I didn't even know my Daughter's 1st one came through till she smiled at me that day & 5 days later her 2nd one was through. I use the reccomended doses on both the teeth relief & panadol.
Hope this might help.
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