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Soft spot Lock Rss

Hey just curious my baby is now 8 months old and the soft spot on her head is getting a bit smaller just wondering at what age will it fully harden up?

Have read it somewhere before but cant find it

help appreciated thanks
they said by 18 months they would close up. Its a bad thing if it closes too early I was watchin one of those medical shows and this girls closed too early when she was a baby (its an disease she inherited from her dad) she needed these metal plates to open her skull up more cos her brain had no room to grow and one of her eye socket got pushed out. Its so scary last time i went to the doctors i got them to check bubs soft spot cos i think its closing abit fast

ok no it doesnt seem to be closing too fast its taking its time actually was just wondering if it was normal i remember reading in my pregnancy book that it was about 18 to 24 months when it closed just couldnt find it again thats all thanks
Yeah it is 18 months when its supposed to close up. But, if you do notice that it has closed earlier, like the other poster said, make sure you take bub to your GP to get it checked out. That thing may not happen, but it could be something else. My DD#2 has Microcephaly, due to hers closing up be 7 months, and it has slowed her developemnet and head growth right down.
oh ok well she's 8 months now going on 9 and the gap still seems to be about as wide as my palm so it should be alright but i;ll get it checked at her 12month injections anyway thanks all
Are you serious her soft spot is still as wide as your palm? my bubs is only less then half of that and his only 7 and a half months

yea well it should be fine they're meant to close more slower as the age progresses
had my daughters head checked by gp this week they've measured her head circumference and felt the fontanels apparently all is well she told me a way to be sure is to measure the head every few weeks making sure it isn't growing rapidly.
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