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What to do? Lock Rss


I am a new mother, baby is almost 8 months now. D can roll, but not very good at it. He does not like to be on his tummy. And I think it is because of that, people often comment about his hands (they are always straight and wide open as if he wants to 'fly', if you know what I mean)... any suggestions?

And today, he refuses to be in his high chair.... does anyone have any suggestions?

Don't know what to do... :~

Joan, QLD

When on his tummy, does he grab at toys in front of him? I kind of entice my DD with a toy so she can reach out grab it, drag it back and chew on it. That entertains her for a bit but when she gets tired of it she cracks a wobbly.

The only hint I have for the high chair situation is try and make it fun. You've probably tried every-thing already. If there is some-thing that really entertains him, TV, watching you do some-thing (etc) maybe you can pop him in then. I've found that distraction seems to be the key with most things, don't know how long that will last though. LOL

My DD 'supervises' me vaccume and do the dishes from her high chair. I give her a few toys to play with, more like throw on the floor for me to pick up.

Best of luck, I feel for you - it can be frustrating at times.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

hi there, im a little late in replying due only joining the club today. however ive just read ur email and i wondered does ur baby seem uncomfortable when he is on his tummy??? because he may have a saw tummy. even if he doesnt cry he may have wind and it might be a little saw on his tummy.
just a thought. i could be way off base but make sure he has had a good burp even if u fed him a while before he goes on his tummy.

Tanya, 9mth baby,NZ

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