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Baby Sign Language Lock Rss

I know this is a topic in which everyone has their own opinion, but I have a 3 month old daughter, and I would like to teach baby sign in the future. Is there anyone on these forums that teaches baby sign to their children or even AUSLAN? Id like to know peoples opinions.

Mum to Sophie 11/08/2005 and Lachlan 21/11/2006

Hi Jade
Just last week I got a phamplet for this too. I think it would be something fun to do and it is supposed to help your childs development with reading and obviously communication skills. The courses here in Melb are approx $120 for 3 days of approx 2hours each. The thing that is weird to me is that the parent or carer goes but the baby doesn't??? I suppose they teach the parents how to do it and then you go home and practice with the bubbie - which I am a little disappointed about as I was thinking that bub and I would go together. I dont know anyone who has already done this but there are a couple of people in my mother's group that are going to do it.

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

I bought a book over the internet that teaches you and anyone else how to sign. The website is It cost me 30 bucks

Siane Brisbane lil boy born 14/05/2005

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