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how young is to young Lock Rss

Just wanting peoples opinions about wht age is to early for a single bed....... my DD is 11 month old well 12 months in 3 weeks....... and the cot she is in now.....i wouldnt say unsafe as it wouldnt do any harm......but ive had to bolt the side that slides and is a pain....... i was going to buy a new cot.....but i thought there isnt really any point when she will be going into a single bed in a few month or so...........
Im planning on getting those floor type beds with the sides....(like the car ones but a girl one if i can find any) ..... so its not like she can fall out...coz the sides go all the way to the bottom of the bed....

She isnt climbinh up and down thing yet...but yeah the bed is like 30cm(ish) high at the end where they get out

Let me know what u think i was looking at switching around 14 months hopefully earlier

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

It depends on the child i think!!
I know if i put my DD in a bed now(14mths)or in the next few months,it would not work.
She would be up wandering around the house at all hours.
She is also a real wiggle worm(upside down,sideways) I was thinking maybe around 20 to 22 mths i might give it a go!!!
Do you have a portacot you could use for a little while???

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