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help with reading posts Lock Rss

hi there, as I am new to this and loving every minute can anyone give me some is there anyway you know which posts you have read by marking them etc. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Gone is going to bed early {luckily I have a sleeper, so far).


hi there!
I find looking at the date of the last post helps a lot with this problem. If you think back to the date you were last online and if there has been a post since that date then it might be worth looking at. If the last post is the date of or prior to your last visit then there is nothing new there.

Good luck!
On the right of the topics there is an Icon Legend button - it tells you what the colours next to each topic is. Hope it helps.


Deb, Edmonton, Hamish 26/03/03 Toby 16/03/05

Hi mazjones and all our members.

If you look to the left of your screen you will see a menu with a blue background. You should find all the information you need here to help you find your way through Huggies Parents Exchange.

"Help" will guide you through some of the basics.
"Icon Legend" tells you what all the little symbols mean.
"My Forums" is a great way of tracking the discussions that you are participating in.

A "New Post" symbol will appear next to the forum headings if any new posts have arrived since you were last in that forum.
New posts from members should be found at the top of the topic list and will have a date and time information that should help you identify if you have seen this post before.

Happy reading and we look forward to your continued participation on Huggies Parents Exchange.


Lauraine (The Moderator)
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