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8-9 months olds.. Lock Rss

Hi there, just wondering what other babies are up to at this age.
My little girl was 7.5kgs and 69cms long at 8 months

Waves to people

Just about clapping (working on it!!)

Crawling since 7 and a half months

Stands up on everything and is just starting to try walking around the furniture

Walking whilst holding her hands

Been sitting up un-aided since 5 months

Plays peek-a-boo with bib and sometimes hands but on top of her head instead of eyes.. very funny!!!!

Three meals a day and 3 bottles. Is weaning off formula, I think, and is now only drinking about 350-450 ml a day.

Says dad, well was, but not much anymore now. Says dog and boof (no idea what that means!!) Think she is saying our first names, atleast it sounds exacly like it. Could be a coincident!?!?

Oh and has 6 teeth, 2 bottom and 4 top!

Can't think of anything else!!
Would love to hear what your bubs are up to at the same age!!

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Hi, my son, Dion is rapidly approaching 9 months, an here's where he's up to.
A couple weeks ago - 9.4kg and 75 cms (he was a giant at 4.1kg and 53cm at birth)

Waves when you wave at him (and sometimes on his own)

Loves having you help him clap (but hasn't attempted it himself yet. We're working on this one too)

No crawling - not even interested. Lies on his tummy and waves legs and arms about furiously and then gets frustrated he's going nowhere

Will stand and lean on lounge and play with toys (as if it were a table) Not very steady though

Sits up and plays with toys for ages until he decides to lean over and roll onto his tummy. Has been sitting with support since 4 months and unaided for the last couple months

Loves peek-a-boo - especially putting a tea towel or face washer over his head which he very quickly pulls off and then he grins at you

Has 3 big meals a day plus an afternoon snack. Gradually weaning off breast feeding to cows milk.

Drinks excellently through a straw and is 80% confident with a sipper cup

Has 4 teeth (2 top, 2 bottom)

Talks LOTS - but can't understand anything really. Has started saying what sounds very much like 'mum' or 'mummy' but not directed at me. sometimes hear it called from the room next door if I'm not in there or when he's upset he will scream/cry it - especially if I'm not there. Says 'da' quite often but once again not directed at dad.

Is a constant raspberry blowing, dribble machine!

Wow, our bubs were born on the same day!!

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Wow - how cool. And how different they both are! Just goes to show that everyone is an individual and does things in their own way, no matter how old they are. We are hoping for Dion to be walking by the time he turns 1 (could be a problem since I didn't walk until I was older than 12 months). His uncle is getting married 2 weeks before his 1st birthday and they want him to be page boy, so if he's not walking they will have to arrange some other 'mode of transport' to get him down the aisle! Will keep this updated to let you know of any more milestones!

Hi My DD was born on the 17th May and she is exactly 9 months tomorrow. She is 8.2 kg and 63 cm long she is a shorty:)
She waves to everyone she sees, including the dog and the tv!

She is crawling backwards well and commando style forwards

She says mumma, dadda and papa, she is VERY vocal all she does is scream and make sounds it's cute in a way but my ears are starting to hurt from all the screaming smile

She pulls herself up to standing but can not walk on her own yet, if we hold her hands she can do it

She puts her arms out to be picked up

She claps

She can sit unaided and has done since 5 months

She has 2 teeth, she got them very early and no more since!!

She eats 3 meals a day plus afternoon tea, she has 2 bottles she is not a big milk drinker

She has started to be interested in tv now

Loves the bath and splashing water, enjoys the shower aswell

Plays peek-a-boo with bibs, tops, towels and anything she can block her eyes with, very cute!

Thats all I can think of for now, it's good to do these threads as it's nice to know how other babies of the same age are doing
Daniel was born 18 June so he's only just 8 months i'm so amazed at all your bubs

Daniel can sit unaided

crawls on hand an knees (fast)

pulls him self up to stans and will walk very slowly along the coffee table

he has 4 top teeth, 3 bottom (+one about to cut)

he eats 3 meals a day and has 6 bottles still

loves the bath & shower

chases the cat and dogs and when he catches them he lies on them and says aaaaaaa

but he won;t play with me no waving or peakabo - he laughs at me playing but he turns around and crawls away.

I've tried to get him to clap but he has no interest
my little one is almost 9 months and this is what she is doing....

* sits unaided (has since about 5.5 months)
* claps all the time & waves at every1 & everthing (including the tv)
* loves tv especially that kids show with the dogs, wags i think it is. She sits & watches that & claps & waves at it for ages.
* tells stories all the time in baby talk lol
* plays peek-a-boo all the time
* loves baths, showers & going swimming in the big pool in her baby seat (she is a water baby just like me)
* insn't crawling but can move about by being on her tummy and pushing with her legs & rolling. It's funny to watch. She hasn't tried to get up on all 4's yet.
* pulls herself into a standing position (mostly in the cot) and can stand for abit holding onto stuff.
* can take a few steps when you are holding her hands.
* has 3 meals a day and 3-4 breastfeeds aday.She also has a bottel of juice after her morning nap ( apple is her fave) and drinks water in small amounts
* has 1 tooth and is cutting the other at the moment.
* says, dad, dad da, mum, bub & nan. Mostly dad i will admit but when she wakes in the morning she says mum mum mum.
* shakes her head no all the time. I'm sure she doesn't know what she is doing but you ask her a question and she will shake her head no it's really funny.
* makes a ckicking sounds with her tounge (started this yesterday and i can't stop her)
* throws EVERYTHING on the gound when in her walker and high chair
* i only have her weighed once a month now as close as i can get it to the 1st of each month (she was born on the 1 june). She is due to get weighed and measured next week but last time i had it done she was 8.45kg and 70cm long.
* we have a baby monitor that is a camera so we can see her when she is in the cot ( we got it as a present and as a 1st time mum it is GREAT)and sometimes when she wakes up she will roll around to get to where the camera is and just lay there & look at it. Its like she knows we are watching her. I will go to check on monitor to see how she is sleeping and will be greated by her face taking up the whole screen.

that's all i can think of at the moment.

I do love to read these threads as it's great to see what other babies are doing that are around the same age as her.
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I have been trying to get Alex to clap now for ages!!! But she won't. Just looks at me and smiles! I keep hearing about everyone elses babies clapping and wish she would. Hope she's not a little slow.. hahahaha. I'll keep working on it!


Hi Erin...
My little Zach was born on the 19th June.
Do you guys live in sydney?
poor Zach being my seond doesn't have any little playmates the same age.

well Zach is a little goer! He is an active baby and was commando crawling at 5 months and now climbs everything. Even the stairs when the gate was accidently left open!!

He has nearly 5 teeth,
eats 3 meals a day...haven't tried meat yet, but will try in the next few days.
He is breastfed during the day ...don't know how many feeds...just when he needs them.
I was hoping he was going to be Mr Blobby and just sit for I could get jobs done..but alas...he and his 3 year old brother keep me on my toes.
love playing with them. His bro adores him..but can be a bit rough, but Zach thinks it is wonderful. hhhmmmmmm
hope you are all enjoying your babies too.

Elisabeth, 2yr old son and bubs due 17th june

it's great to hear how everyone else's bubs are doing. It just amazes me how different they all are, even though they are so close in age.
Dion now has 5 teeth (new one at the bottom) but still no crawling or walking. He will stand up and lean on the lounge or coffee table for quite a while but when he wants to turn around forgets he has to move his feet and then topples over! I can't wait for him to be mobile (in any way!) but will probably wish he wasn't when he does start moving smile
He also loves the TV - ANYTHING with music (I am a music teacher and taught until I was 8 months pregnant so I guess he heard all of my students playing before he was born). He will be glued to the TV when a program starts - while the introduction music plays - and then when the talking starts he goes back to playing with his toys. He too will wave his arms at the tv. He loves the beginning of sesame street (but hates his tickle me elmo which we gave him for christmas!)
He now says mum all the time and occasionally dad. Knows where people are (can ask him where mum, dad, nanna, poppa, our dog etc are and he looks at them immediately) an also shakes his head 'no' constantly - especialy when you ask him if he is a cheeky boy!
Now down to just 2 breastfeeds a day. Still 3 meals, and an afternoon snack which he has cows milk with to drink.
Glad to hear everyone else's bubs are doing great too
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had my dd weighed today for her nine months( a few days early but it was the closest i could get to it) and she is 8.68kg abd 73 cm long now smile Apprently she has a big head as well lol it's 47cm and in the little read health book (qld) that is above the 97th band. it doens't look that big lol. Since my last post she is getting closer to crawling as well. She gets up on all fours now and rocks back & forth.My how they grow so fast. We will all be planning their 1st birthday parties soon......
My DD is only 7mths but she weighs 8.51kg and gets around everywhere she rolled over at 3mths then sat up and crawled at 5mths and at the moment is pulling herself up on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and walking around the furniture I reckon it will only be 1-2mths till she starts walking. She is one extremely active little girl lol She also has 7 teeth and has been eating solids for AGES and loves it. She is really trying to talk but it GREAT and mimicking sounds people make.
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