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Baby's Vision Lock Rss

My little bub is 13 weeks old now & her eyes don't seem to follow.Am worried as don't know whether she could see or not. At what age does baby's start following

Ashley Baby

Don't know exactly but my daughter will look at us and will sometimes follow us if we move around the room. She is now 13weeks. She has started studying her hands in the last week as well. You can get her checked at your CYH office. Have you tried getting her to follow a toy with her eyes? Chantelle sometimes does this and sometimes not.
Hope everything is well.

Hey there i had the same issue my baby didn't seem to be following at around that age either but when i talked to my plunket nurse she said that all babies seem to develop at different times and not to worry.. Now my baby is 4months and she sees perfectly...
so i guess all babies start to follow at different stages

Inga, wellington,4 month

I would get it checked with your CHN just in case. That is one of their standard checks and will refer you if they are even the slightest bit suspicious that some-thing is wrong.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi all,

Just thought I give an update of Ashley. She is now 4 1/2 months and went back to the pediatric orthamalogist last week to have her eyes checked again. She is now following and has improved alot since when she was 2 months. Just still a bit inconsistant so we just have to keep on monitoring her as at this age don't know what she can & can't see.

Ashley Baby

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