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My baby had Menigitis & Meningococcal. Anyone else? Lock Rss

Ella was 5 weeks old when she contracted Meningococcal Septicaemia & Menigitis. She is one very lucky little girl to still be here today. She will be 6 months old in 3 days. Ella has passed all her tests so far but I was wondering if anyone else has had a baby with these horrible diseases & what future problems they have encountered. Ella is doing everything that a 6 month old should be doing but it is constantly in the back of the mind that she may have development issues later on.

Kylie, NZ - Ella 7/05/05 & Madison 7/6/09

Hi Kyliej,
My baby samantha was 3 weeks when she contracted viral meningitis and was in hospital for 5 days. Samantha is doing well in all developmental stages and has just started crawling 2 days ago and she is aged 8 1/2 months. Samantha was lucky to have the viral meningitis as this one is not the meningococcal that can be fatal in both adults and children. Poor you having to go through that. It is heartbreaking when your little newborn is lying helplessly in a hospital cot attached to heaps of machines and you know there is absolutely nothing you can do to make them better. I cried many times!! Well im glad that ella is doing fine now. And thank goodness for the meningococcal vacines they now have in place.

christina - 3 darling children

hi there, good to hear she is going well.
My best friends baby had meningococcal about 4yrs ago, at the age of 6 mths. She is now almost 5 she is going gr8 no big prob's just she has to wear reading glassers but your eye is getting much better.
All i can say is she sounds like she will be fine and good luck

My baby Lauren was 6 weeks old when she was diagnosed with Meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia. She is today 5 months old. She is required to have regular hearing tests and paediatrician visits. So far all very good, but yes always I am thinking of any problems that she will encounter in the future. I'm crossing my fingers. The doctors said she could of been a lot worse than she was, but god I couldnt bear the thought of seeing her any sicker than what she was.
She was admitted to hospital for 2 weeks.

Cassandra, QLD, 5mth baby

Hi Kyliej that is awful that your daughter had Menigitis and Meningococcal and she is definely lucky to be there and I bet that was a shock when you found out about the disease.

My daughter had whooping cough and she was sick with high temputures and coughing really bad to the point of choking and not breathing property and that was scarely for us, so she had it for awhile so I sort of know how you feel.

All I can say keep having her check up and needles to make sure she doesnt get sick with it cause that what we do with Jaye and it does stick in your mind but dont know if they get it back later down the track.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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