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Starting to throw tantrums - HELP!!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone

Just in the last few days my ususally happy content little 8 1/2 month old son has been throwing himself back whenever I try to change his nappy or if I move him away from something he's not allowed to touch etc. Everyday he's doing it more and more, I'm not always able to catch him and he hits his head on the floor. Tonight he did it in the bath which he usually loves, I don't even know what triggered it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to discourage this behaviour? I want to nip it in the bud before it's out of control. I'm really worried he's going to badly hurt himself.


Hi Jas

I think that this is normal behaviour. My bubs is 9 months old tomorrow and he has been doing this for the past month or so when he doesnt get his way. I have noticed that it tends to happen more when he is over-tired.

I wish i had some answers but i am a first time mum so every day is a learning experience for me and for my baby, James.

You are lucky in that you have a supportive child health nurse (i read it on another one of your posts smile) mine was a bit of a witch telling me that "you europeans over feed your babies" because my baby wanted to feed hourly, long story. .. So my best source of information has been this forum. It has been a godsent!!! I can so relate to so many mums in here its not funny.

So if you find out anything else on this subject i would love to hear about it!!!

Take care:)

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

Hi Helen

Thanks so much for your reply - it's reassuring to know all of us experience the same things. He has stopped doing it the last few days - thank goodness. I think it has something to do with us buying a playpen. I never intended to buy one but he's been crawling for about 2 months now and I think he was reacting to me telling him not to touch things all day. I don't leave him in there all day, just when I need to get some housework done or go to the bathroom etc. We are both much more relaxed now. My son - Lachlan - was 9 months yesterday and his middle name is James - wow they are both so close in age!!! Anyhow take care. Thanks again.

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Hi Jas

Wow, i cant believe how close our boys are in age and I cant beleive how quickly 9 months has passed!!! When I was pregnant 9 months really dragged for me because i couldnt wait to meet my baby.

Isnt it gorgeous when they first start to crawl??? Another little boy from our playgroup was crawling at that age and it was the most gorgeous thing i had ever seen. It must be so hard for you to get anything done around the house. James is still happy to just sit or if he wants something that is a little out of his reach he rolls, or army crawls, really cute.

You know they will be 1 before we know it!!(sighs) :0)

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

Hi Toni

I didnt really let it get to me or say anything to her as she is older than me, early 50s i would say, so i respected her age and to an extent her knowledge and experience.

She kept pushing me to feed my baby every 3 - 4 hours only but he was HUNGRY. He would be screaming for a feed so in the end I had to do what i felt was the best thing for my baby !! My husband wanted to formally complain about her but I didnt let him.

Our baby is happy and healthy and thats all that matters to me !!

Thanks for your support!! :0)

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

Hi, just a sugestion with the tantrum throwing thing, my son also performs when I take things away and I find that if I distract him with something else or just pick him up and give him a good cuddle he soon forgets what he was wailing about.
Thanks Tanith
I've found that works for us also. Like I said in the reply to Helen, since buying the playpen things have been a lot better - the tantrums have stopped. I really do think he was reacting to me chasing him all day and telling him not to touch things - he just doesn't understand. I felt really bad because he's just being inquisitive - not naughty and I can't get angry at him for that. Now that he has his own little domain he's much happier.

Thanks again
Hi Helen

Yeah they do grow up so fast - those last 9 months have flown!!!

They are so cute when they crawl, and Lachlan is so little (7.35kg) so he still looks like a little baby. He loves being in his playpen as he gets heaps of practice pullling himself up and walking along the sides. It was so hard before we bought it - I couldn't get anything done, I'd have to put him in his cot which I hated as I didn't like him being by himself in his room all the time, now he can see me when I hang the washing out etc. I was in two minds about buying the playpen,but it was definitely the right thing for us - mainly it keeps him safe when I have do get things done. Watch out James will be up and about before you know it grin !!! Their first birthdays are just around the corner - I can't believe it!!! My husband and I are already planning the next baby, we've always wanted them to be close together - I can't wait to do it all again.

Take care

Hi Jas

James is 10 kgs, he has always been a big solid baby and so to get him moving a little bit more we recently bought him what they call a 'SAFE' walker and he loves it. He is not able to go very far as one of the legs is fixed and so he is able to walk around this one leg. Not sure if i am making sense or explaining it well enough. smile He does enjoy his time in there and puts on this face like he is saying "Look mummy I am so tall and strong" hehehe

I so I want another baby too!!!!!

Its so funny that we waited, hubby and I, for 7 years to start trying for a bubs as we were both busy with work and our social lives and going on holidays that a baby didnt seem to quite "fit".
Such a waste of time now that I think of it.

Having a baby is what its all about. For me anyway, i feel as though everything has so much more meaning now.

So now I am wanting another baby, secretely i want another 2. Hubby wants to wait a little bit before we start trying again so I just have to wait !!!!
sad *sighs*

Best of luck to you both with planning for your next little bundle of joy and make sure you keep us posted!!!! smile)

Take care!!smile)

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

Hi Helen,

I so know what you mean about wasting time before having a baby! My husband and I kept putting it off, we'll just buy this first, or do this first, or organise a class reunion first (as you can't drink when you're pregnant or breastfeeding). Now I think that life only begins when you have a child. An there is no other career like that of a mother! I am currently on maternity leave from the bank where I was manager's assistant, and I was so stressed about leaving work behind, that I thought maybe I could go in when Jess was a couple of weeks old - but I couldn't care less now! That means nothing to me! I keep wondering why other people aren't starting a family. I think I'd like 4 kids. I just love being a Mum, and feel like I've finally found my niche. I really belong to this group now. There is nothing like being a Mum. It makes me laugh now, when I hear women say "I'm a career woman". They have no idea how insignificant a career is once you have children!

Enjoy motherhood!

Mummy of 2 little angels. 6/6/03 & 3/8/05 & No 3

Hi Calli

Thank you so much for your post.

Just before I went on maternity leave i finally got the promotion i thought i had ALWAYS wanted and worked so damn hard for. I felt it was my GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT. My plans were to have my baby and be back to start my new position within 6 months.

I went back to work for a vist with my baby when he was around 3 months old. Even though i had promised i would bring him in much earlier than that i just seemed to always have more important things to do.
Seeing all the old faces again was really nice but i couldnt help thinking to myself how lucky i was that i had my sweet little boy in my life now and that my life was not just about me and my work anymore. I told them all that when i held my baby boy in my arms i KNEW my GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT was him.....I dont know if they believed me, i dont think i even care what they think.

I simply love being a mum and hope to do it all again very soon!!!!!!!! wink

Take care!! smile

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

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