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Scared of babies crying Lock Rss

My DD has become terrified of other babies crying. She is that frightened she snuggles into my neak and hangs onto me tightly, screaming. Even if I move to another room, if she can still hear them cry, she continues to be really freaked out.

Have any-one babies done this? Have you any suggestions to help DD get over it, or is it just one of those things that will pass.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Kazi,
My bub did this too, but she seems to have grown out of it. She started it at about 10 weeks when we were at mother's group (so I stopped going as neither of us enjoyed ourselves) and it did last a few months. Now she's 9.5mths and she just looks at the crying babies with interest more than anything. If she's very tired sometimes she will cry, but mostly she doesn't. I used to just try to distract her with a toy and not 'react' too much so as not to justify her fear.
I think it's definitely a phase. Just keep being positive so bub will learn there's nothing to be afraid of. Probably at her age there's an element of separation anxiety going on too, so she probably needs the reassurance at the moment.

Sherri, mum to Ella Bella Baby Bear ~ 21.01.05

Oh my god i hear you... I have a 9 month old little boy and he screams when he hears another baby crying, he has 2 cousins.. there are 3 born within 6 weeks of each other, he screams when they cry, he is petrified of them as soona s they come near him he cries saying mamamama... i wonder why this is!!!

Amanda Mummy 2 Seth 1/2/05 & Tianah 14/7/06

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