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scratching...... DOWN THERE Lock Rss

My 8.5 mo old little girl has a wee scratching problem.

It probably started about 3 months ago, she had really bad nappy rash, it cleared up within a week but ever since then, everytime I take her nappy off, in the bath, anywhere she can, she's always scratching herself to the point where she actually draws blood.

I try to pin her arms down, but she throws a tantrum.

I keep her nails short, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. there is no sign whatsoever of nappy rash returning, so why does she do it???

Any one had this problem before??

If so HELP!!!!

kellie SA chelsea born 22-3-05

As soon as I take my sons nappy off the hand goes straight down there too and he scratches the bejesus out of it. I can't say he has drawn blood though.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

has she got thrush?? mighn't show on the outside. worth getting checked out.
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