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HELP - Rough Slate Floors! Lock Rss


I have slate floors and I'm worried about Chelsea once she starts to crawl (should be soonish) The floors are worse than ordinary tiles because of their very rough and uneven surface, which looks great but will be hell on her poor knees!

I've bought her the Snazzy Baby knee pads but what do you think about buying those foam mats? I have a few rugs etc which we'll put down in high traffic areas but is it worth spening money on more temporary floor coverings? My thoughts are that if we cover at least the high traffic areas she should be ok?? Our whole house is slate, even the bedrooms so she doesn't really have anywhere to crawl that won't hurt her knees.

Am I worrying too much??

I don't think you are worrying too much. I feel much the same. We have timber floors and some tiles and where we live is very dusty. With a dog, the floor always seems dirty and I worry about his little knees. I have a foam mat, but they are quite expensive and look even dirtier than the floor!! I think the knee pads sound great. My biggest concern is when he is learning to walk and him falling over and knocking his head on the tiles. Oh how I wish for carpet! (Mind you, then you have to consider carpet burn.....)


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