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Won't wear!!!!! Lock Rss

HI Everyone,

Tyler is 12 and a half months old and last week I bought him his first shoes, he walked at about 11 months and has been wearing those $3 padders you buy from the supermarket (around the yard).
A few months ago I asked for advice on where to get fitted for first shoes and in the replies a few said not to get shoes until he had been walking for 6-8 weeks.
I did that and am going interstate in a few weeks so I thought I had better get him some.
I put them on him and he makes such a fuss I have to take them off, he will not stand in them even.
HOW am I going to get him to like/love wearing them as he does his cheapos.
These little Clarkes mind you were $70.


hi how are you? i dont really know cause i haven't been in the situation yet.. but an idea maybe is to make it fun for him.. take him to the shop and tell him he is a big boy and he can pick his own shoes out that he wants.. and just talk it up for a while before you take him.. not sure but it might work... hope that helps.. kristy
Not in your situation yet I suggest to take the $70 ones back and buy some new cheap ones that he likes. I know they might not be the best looking shoe but isn't it better to have a happy little man then one that's grumpy? No-ones going to take any notice of his shoes if he's being a grumpy monster. Maybe just slowly work him up to wearing proper shoes. Let him wear them around the house a little. You never may have a little hippie on your hands that will never wear shoes! LOL!!!! smile
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