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Night Sleeping Lock Rss

Hi Mums,

Just would like to no how i can get my son to sleep through the night.
OK this is it, we give him a bottle around 7pm and play with him till around 7.30 to 8.00, he wakes up around midnight and again around 5 or 6 in the morning for a bottle.
So what do i do? I have tried to give him water and that worked for a few days, i would get 2 more hr out of him. But now Am at my wits end, AM up and down most of the night putting in his dummy and walking straight out of his room. He thinks it play time (not).
Hi anna,

How old is your son?? Is he on solids yet?? maybe you could introduce dinner around 5 oclock, then have his last bottle at 7pm before bed. This seemed to work for my son who is nearly 5 months old.He is a hungry boy so has farex at lunch then vegies for dinner.
Maybe your son needs something more in his tummy to get him through the night?

Also maybe if you could keep him awake a bit longer after his last bottle to really tire him out, again this depends on how old he is and how long he can stay awake,
but maybe even keeping him awake until 8.30pm at night might help?
And maybe try ignoring him when he is just whinging for his dummy?? Well for a few minutes at a time anyways, it sounds so mean i know! But it might work if its something you havent tried yet? Especially if he thinks you are playing, the cheeky boy smile

i hope it works out for you and you get a good nights sleep soon!

Hi there,
As the other poster mentioned, it depends on how old your little boy is to take into account if he's getting enough solids? I found out that I wasn't giving my DS enough for solids at his 6 month check up (he was only having a breakfast and tea) as he was starting to wake at 4-5am in the morning again and he hadn't done that since he was much younger. My health nurse also reccommended that I feed him solids until he tells me he's had enough as I was only giving him 3-4tbsp at each meal as I was worried I'd over feed him. Once I started to let him eat as little or as much as he wanted he slept much better.

This might sound tough but once they start waking up to have their dummy back it might be time to have a go at taking it away? This is just an idea but if you decide to give it a go just keep in mind that it could take at least a couple of days for him to realise that you're not giving it back.

Thanks Mum
My DS is 6 1/2 months and he is a big boy 9kg.
Breakfast he has far ex
Lunch Veg
Afternoon Pears or Apples
Tea bottle of milk
Do you think i should give him veg for tea and not for lunch?
Hey brodiesmum,
I think that vegies would probably be more filling as a dinner rather than fruit. You can maybe offer him fruit plus some yogurt for lunch instead. Once he reaches 7-8 months you can offer some pureed meat with vegies as I've read that meat is quite filling.
Do you let him decide when he's had enough food to eat? That was my mistake, I used to only dish up 3-4tbsp for each meal but when I let him eat what he wanted my DS now has 5tbsp of fruit plus a tub of baby yogurt for lunch and 8tbsp of vegies for tea. I know it sounds a lot but he's not very interested in breakfast so I think he makes up for it! smile

Hi Melissaem
I give him as much as he likes, all i do is make a bowl up and he lets me know when he has had enough. I haven try ed yogurt yet. I think i might try him with veg for dinner and just fruit for lunch and see how he is with that.
OK today i have tried same thing different.
I still gave Brodie his far ex this morning and i gave him veg's and fruit for lunch.
I dint give him fruit this arvo we gave him veg's for dinner and we played with him for 1hr the topped him up with a bottle (didn't have all the bottle, but some thing is better that nothing) and put him to bed, he still didn't wont to go to sleep, so we gave him some more milk.
OK tonight is the test to see if he will sleep for longer.
Hey brodiesmum,
I was just wondering whether your little boy has learnt to self-settle in his cot yet? There's some good info on sleep routines for 6-12 months on this site which might help:-

I did it with Jack once he turned 6 months and it really works.

Good luck!

I would seriously consider getting rid of the dummy. It sounds like your DS doesn't know how to self settle so that every time he wakes he needs his dummy to get back to sleep. We had this problem when DS was 12 weeks old and since removing the dummy he has only woken once a night when I was still feeding him and now he is 5 months and sleeps through.

It will prbably take a bit of cc to teach your DS to self settle but it will be worth it in the end. There are lots of methods of doing this - sleep sense programme, lots of books, websites etc.

Good Luck smile

Jackson 28.10.07 and Madeleine 16.12.09

Have you tried a bedtime bath and massage approach??.. I give my DD a relaxing bath with the water a bit warmer and deeper than usual and using Johnsons Bedtime Bath in it, at about 8pm, I then follow by giving her a massage using Johnsons Bedtime Lotion and a 180ml bottle of milk after that... she is usually sound asleep by 9:30 and doesnt wake until 7am.. She also has a dummy, but once she is asleep she spits it out and doesnt want it back..

I know 9:30 might seem a bit late, but when we dont go to bed until 10-11ish anyway, it doesnt bother us and at least she sleeps all the way through until daddy gets up for work at 7am..

My DD has a bottle at 7am, farax and a bottle at 11, fruit and a bottle at about 2, vegies and a bottle at 6ish and last bottle at 8:30-9ish
Hi All
Thanks for all the advice i might have a look at that web site and see what it has to say.
I don't think i will get ride of the dummy he cries if he doesnt get it, when he falls asleep he spits it out and doesnt want it anymore.
I think i will try to give Brodie a bath late and see what happens. Last night we gave him a bottle about 9.30 before we when to bed and he sleep till 5 this morning, so that was good for us.
He self settled during the day by at night he take a little bit longer.
Hey Brodiesmum

It sounds to me like your boy has self settling problems.

My daughter is 4 and a half months old and she goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps through till 7.30-8am. We give her a bath at 6.30pm then her bottle then she goes down for the night. I started getting her to self settle from 9 weeks old and got rid of the dummies and she started sleeping 9-10 hours straight through the night from 11 weeks old when I stopped waking her for a 11pm feed. Sometimes she will wake in the night but all I have to do is tuck her back in and walk out and off she goes back to sleep on her own again. The one thing I have always been big on is that I always put her down AWAKE. This helps them to learn to self settle.

Sometimes you just have to grin and bear a little crying from them. It was really hard for me when I decided to try the self settling teqnique but it was well worth it. My daughter now goes down every night without a peep.

Good luck with your boy. And let us know how he goes:-)
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