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8-9 month mile stones Lock Rss

My boy Bayden is almost 9 mnths old and at childcar, i saw a baby 2 days older than he who couldcrawl, sit, climb into the toy box and fight of my boy from stealing her bottle.
I was just wondering where your babes are up to what they can acheive etc?
Bayden can tummy crawl and sit un aided...but he cant go from crawl to sit...than sit to crawl...although if i plonk him on his bum..he can fall over to slither away. Hes only just strted to talk a bit more mainly at the dogs and he can come to me when i call him. Hes an only child.
He can alos hold his own bottle which im proud of hehe but since I saw that other baby i fell he mite be a bit behind

mum to bayden 25/02/05

I wouldn't feel too bad

My little girl is only a week off 9 months, she can't crawl or sit on her own yet.

She kind of does this commando thing, but can't quite co-ordinate the arms with the bottom end to crawl.

Im not too worried though, im sure she will develop at her own pace, but it does look a little disheartening when you see other babies the same age, doing things your little one can't.

I have a friend, and her baby is 2 weeks younger than mine, she can sit by herself, throw all her toys away, and do lots of things my girl can't, and her mum brags about it. I am happy for her, but at the same time, a little jealous.

Im sure Bayden will do all those things, when he's good and ready smile

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Bayden sounds like he is going great!! Matt is 8 months and today cut his first tooth (very excited, we have been waiting FOREVER). He can sit unaided very well (has done since 5 and half months). He can go from lying down to sitting and back to lying down. He is not crawling though. He wants to be on his hands and knees and wouldn't even consider pulling himself along the ground! He doesn't hold his own bottle as he would rather play with it than drink. His coordination is good and he can sit with his toys for at least half an hour (which is why I get on the internet so much as I can see him from the computer). He can say our dog's name, only because we are always saying it! He also barks when the dog barks. Yes, very proud of that! I think they all do things in there own time.



My daughter is 8.5 months and just started crawling a few days ago. She can pull her self up on things to stand and has been sitting unaided since about 6 1/2 months. She has been rolling in all directions since about 7 months. She can clap her hands, give hi 5s and wave. She says mumma, da da and na na. She has an older sister that she watches all day and I think that has really helped her development along. My oldest was probably a little slower than that with all her milestones but was sitting unaided at 5.5 months.

I wouldn't be concerned, all babies develop at their own pace and he is certainly not behind, there is a wide range of what is considered normal development.


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