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how many soiled nappies?? Lock Rss

I have changed around 16 nappies in the past 2 days and only 1 of them has been wet only. 15 nappies have been soiled. Should i be concerned?

not sure but i would take her to the docs just in case she has a tummy bug, jazz does 2-3 a day and one a day befor solids
are you 100% sure there is no wee in there??.. alot of the time, a soiled nappy cant mask the wee.. so you cant really tell if bub has been weeing or not.. I know when my DD was a newborn in hospital, the nurses actually had to check the nappies when soiled to see if there was wee too.... (i think they use something to test them for urine)

If you are concerned though, i would be taking bub to the doctors...
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