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Entertaining a 7 month old Lock Rss

Does anyone have any ideas for entertaining a 7 month old?

Some days I don't need to go out (or don't want to) so I have the whole day to keep my babe amused at home. However, after we go through all the toys, sing songs, read books, have a go on the jolly jumper, roll around on the floor together, we're bored and still have much of the day to fill in.

How do you keep your babes occupied?

This is a great thread !!! I do all the things you mentioned, love the JJ. Some other things we do include:

* Daily walk with our dog.
* Drag DD around in the high chair and do chores (cleaning etc). She loves 'supervising' me - LOL.
* Watch the 'Wiggles' - DD totally loves the music.
* Sit in the back yard looking at the trees, flowers and doggies (etc).
* Play group and Swimming once a week.

I can't wait to hear some other suggestions.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

hi everyone, im finding the same problem, just the last few days he's wanting more to do, getting boreed very quick, we go for a walk, read books, we have so many toys for him, i give him my keys that helps for bit, im always playing with him,
he's not crawling yet, which is a pity then he can amuse hmself a bit better, any way hope all goes well in coming weeks
from jackie
If you're looking to share some stimulating together time... you could intergrate some movement into your singing sessions.
This is fun for baby and enriches their development!

There's heaps of info on the benefits of sharing music & motion experiences with baby on the web site Also some tips on what you can do.

Hope this is useful.

Pamela, DD 7/7/04, DS 9/9/02,

BALLS! I can't recommend balls enough. My boy loves them. He pushes them along the floor and then chases them. It's so funny to watch. I have several different sizes and colors. They are all fairly big so choking is not a factor. I avoid any balls that are too big. He still likes to be able to pick them up.

all of us

Hi all,

My bub will be 7 mths in a 2weeks, how quickly the time flies. Gone are the days when a rattle was huge entertainment for her. We are on to much bigger and better things now.

She loves her outside swing that we have set up on the patio. She also has a walker now (we dont have stairs so its all good). I am finding however that she WANTS my attention ALL the time. I can't leave the room without her bursting out into tears, which as I am sure you are all aware becomes very frustrating because you cant be RIGHT THERE ALL the time. I know this is a development thing and as they get older they understand that just because they cant see you anymore doesnt mean you dont exist.

As for new and exciting things to do, if your looking for new toys to occupie their time you might want to check out they have HUGE savings on the big things, and they have growing supply of baby things..... thought it might be useful. We are looking at the inclosed jumping castle for bubs 1st b'day and beyond.

Good Luck!!


Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

Hi. Allira is now eight months and has been crawling for a month or so now and getting into absolutely everything. Which gets extremley frustrating at times. She becomes sooo bored very quickly and I would have to say she is a hyperactive baby. Doesn't sit still for very long and only plays with the one thing for no more than a few minutes. I find a good way for some time out for the both of us is to sit her in her high chair in front of ABC kids or a dvd and give her some snacks to munch on, being some apple, banana or toast and vegemite. She loves it and so do I.
Also the most simple of things she enjoys playing with more than anything, like the pots and pans and a wooden spoon. I leave the plastic container cupboard open while in the kitchen and she enjoys that so much as she thinks she is getting into something she is not supposed to be getting into.
Also some large plastic magnets on the fridge, keep her entertained for a while.

Jo, Tassie. First Daughter Allira 20/6/05

dd is now 9mths but she loves to sit at our open front door with toys she has dragged over with her and watch the trucks and cars go by. The dog runs up and down the fence chasing trucks and motorbikes and she loves that. She then laughs so the dog comes and says hello and despite her rarely sitting still this can go on for up to an hour. My mum always says babies need time to themselves so they can learn to entertain adn think for themselves. Is good.... I get some housework done adn her food for the day without her under my feet.

DD 15mth old Munchkin Qld

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