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What toy does your babe get the most from? Lock Rss

With so many wonderful toys available these days, I'm finding it hard to decide what to buy my babe for Christmas (he'll be 8 months then). So ... I thought I would see if others could tell me of one or two toys that their babes have and really enjoy.
Hello Mel05

My Olivia is now 7.5 months old so our babies are pretty close in age. I tend to buy toys now that i feel will assist with her development.

i have just bought:
1) 10 rubber cubes (Parents Magazine product) which i bought from Myer for about $12. There are 2 red, 2 blue, 2 orange, 2 yellow, and 2 green cubes. Each cube has a numeral, a dice representation, and a number of animals that mathces the number. Eg the cube with 5 has the 'numeral' 5 on one face, a dot pattern of 5 on another face, and 5 monkeys around the cube. Now she is just putting them in her mouth and biting them, but soon she'll be able to stack them, and later we'll be able to sort them by colour, sort them by even or odd numbers etc (yes i'm a maths teacher)

2) A packet of 6 transparent plastic balls from Fisher Price ($16) . Each ball has an animal that spins around inside. At the moment she holds them, drops them, and watches the animals spin. She is engaged as i roll them to her and i hope sooner or later she'll be able to roll them too.

hope this is helpful.

Susan, Sydney, 12/4/05 baby

Hi there,
My little girl has so many toys, to many but i get board of the same old ones so i buy her more. I bought her the laugh and learn puppy when she was six months old and she loves it. It's by fischer price of cause!!! She also loves the fischer price saucepans. Hope that helps
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