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What to expect from 6 months onwards Lock Rss

Hi my name is Skye and I have a beautiful baby girl named Madison. Being a first time mum has proven to be quite a challenge but i would'nt have it any other way. She has recently turned 6 months and I loved watching her develop into her character. I would love to hear from anyone who can let me know what I can expect for the next 6 months.


Hi Skye,
All babies develop differently at different stages. I have 3 boys, all who have been so different. My first didn't start crawling til 9mths, second was not even 6 mths! and no.3 isnt going anywhere soon (thank goodness!). Things to look forward too (that i enjoyed anyway) are, crawling, talking, trying new foods and their laughter. Enjoy her now, don't wish her to grow up too soon as it happens soon enough!

Jacquie, NZ, 3 sons.

Hi Jacquie,
Thank you so much for the advice as I really didn't stop to think that I was wishing her months away. It just gets so exciting to think that she'll be talking and walking soon. At the moment I love watching her trying her hardest to crawl. Anyway thanks again.


hi there sky,

im liby and im also a first time mum with my lil girl ashleigh, who is 6 months on 14th july. I too wonder, and i guess it goes with the package we cant wait till there new milestones, i love watching her get excited over different foods and chewing on everything in reach her laughter at me makes me melt
and as she sleeps on her tummy and the cot at the base of my bed im awoken with cutest smiles and happy loving eyes every morning as she peers over the ledge then burying her face in excitment .

i want her to crawl soon too and she hasnt sat alone yet but i am enjoying her every day and its the little things that are probably the best and biggest things.
if you want you can email me and we can stay updated on our childrens growth milestones and other mum stuff hope to hear from you ; [email protected]
enjoy every moment

Liby mum for my almost 1 yr old 14/1/03 ashleigh

Hi Liby and Skye,

I loved reading your posts on the board as I can really relate. Sam was 6 months early in July and I am just busting for him to crawl and sit alone. I am enjoying watching his developments each day. His latest one is to really watch the water come out of the shower. He loves the feel of in in his hands. I too am trying not to wish his early life away but it's hard when you know all that comes next. I'm glad that I only have him at the moment because I just love sitting and watching him explore everything.

Lisa,NSW,6mth baby

Hi Skye and Liby!
My name is Row and I have 2 girls - Tymika 23months and Brydie 6months. I don't think I'll be having any more children and I want Brydie's growing to slow down!!! Tymika has grown up so fast - was crawling before 6 months, walking at 10 months, eats everything and is talking quite well now. I always wanted her to grow up so I could chase her around the yard and play more physical games with her - now I wish I had taken the time to enjoy her first 6months or so. With Brydie I treasure her crying instead of talking and I'm so glad she has no teeth yet and isn't close to crawling. It helps me to think I've got a baby for a little bit longer!!!!
Your next 6 months or so will be filled with many milestones but don't forget the present time. It goes way too fast.
[email protected]
hi everyone

my sons 6 months on the 28th of this month and i'm so eager for him to crawl and sit up. he can sit on his own for a few short seconds but soon falls and laughs. but i dont know how far away crawling is because he's only just discovered he can push on my hands when he's on his tummy to move forward to get a toy.

i'm loving everyday with my bundle of joy

Hi mums
My youngest is 8 months on saturday.
He started crawling 2 weeks ago and it was so great.You are sooooo proud of them.Within days he was going off into other rooms himself.Now he is getting into everything.He discovered my plants the other day. He has been sitting a while but now he can sit up by himself.
Yesterday he was trying to climb up side of cot and up side of lounge.
I love it, I love all his new things but suddenly he is trying to do everything.Now he can follow his brothers around house.
He went into the shower fully dressed when my husband was in there, now we cant keep him out.When he hears water going he is off as fast as he can to bathroom.Last night I had to change his pyjamas twice as he got into bathroom when boys were showering.
We have to follow him nonstop.But I wouldn't change a thing.
My older boys have grown up so fast and I don't want Thomas to grow up yet.
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