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My bub points her toes Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I just wanted to see if anyone else has this problem. My bub is just over 8 months and she can't put her feet flat on the ground when standing (aided). I know it is far too early for her to be standing but when we stand her up and hold her she points her toes. Her doctor said she has very sensitive feet and refuses to touch the ground and he said it is very likely that she will walk on her toes.

She has alot of strength in her legs so I am not too worried. She isn't quite crawling, however commando crawls everywhere very fast. When she pulls herself up she stands on her knees, not her feet. She never took to the jolly jumper as she wouldn't push off the ground, instead she makes an effort to make sure her toes don't touch the ground (it is very cute!).

Should I be concerned?

hi how are you? i dont have that problem, because mine is only four months, but i had to say your little girl sounds cute... my sisters kids did things at different times and i think every child is different in there development, so i dont think it is a concern.. she will start walking when she is ready. hey you never know she might be a ballarena... what sort of surface does she do it on? maybe even try all sorts till she likes one.. if not who cares it sound like she is still enojoying doing what she is doing..
Very cute.. see ya kristy
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