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What is everyone's opinion on baby sign language? Lock Rss

I'm new to this idea and would like to hear if this is a positive thing for babies or one of those passing trend that do no major impact on the child's development? Especially when it is taught to babies with no hearing problem.
I don't think its a development thing. I believe it is to relieve the frustration of trying to understand what your toddler wants before they can talk. Rather than trying to understand the grunts they can do a simple sign to signify milk, cheese, toilet etc.
My friend did it with her first and said it was brilliant. We may do it with our littlie when we actually get a book!!
It is great for communicating and I guess good stimulation for them.....My friend has pointed out it is brilliant when you are in situations where you can see each other but too far too hear without yelling such as a playground, party etc..

All the best!
I have only taught my babies a coupla signs but they are brilliant and all I need to make life easy.
One is "all done", so there are never any arguemtns about wanting MORE! when there in't any more in the fridge. Also they sign this (and later, speak it) when they ahve had enugh to eat and don't want anymore.
One is "more" which all kids do anyway really.
But the best is "thankyou" which I can sign to then when people give them stuff, and just remind them to say "thankyou", and everyone goes "Oh, don't they have such lovely manners!", not realising that I ahve had to remind them!
My advice is to pick a few and do them but don't pay up for a $60 course.
good luck! jj
(btw, my kids don't have hearing problems, i just did it to ease their frustration before they could talk)
[Edited on 06/05/2008]

3 girls under 3

This is a brilliant way of communicating. My sister in-law has a deaf borther and has taught both of her daughters how to sign. Not only will it benefit them when they are older but it has made communicating a with each other a lot easier in their home. She started with a few simple things such as "come" "no" "please" & "thank-you". I am starting this with my DD now.

Are the sign language here based on the American or British? Or do Australians have their own sign language?
We have our own sign language (although they are all very similar). There are two types. Signed English and auslan. Signed english is the common basic sign language that is taught in schools and auslan is a more complex version that is mostly used by the deaf community. Apparently Auslan is rather hard to teach. You can buy a signing dictionary which shows you all the sign and explain them well!

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