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monkey crawling anyone else?? Lock Rss

My DD (10m) has just started getting around and she is using an unusual technique! one of her legs is in the normal crawling position, while the other is splayed out to the side her arms being in the normal position also, and then she sort of monkey's along! she's getting quite quick at it. My first crawled normally for a month and then adopted the same technique! she was late to walk (16m). Just wondering if anyone else out there had a baby with a similar technique.

Bec, Jamison 3yr and Erin 3/2/05 baby #3 edd 3/12/

Crawling is my current passion so I am totally fascinated with 'Monkey Crawling'. That is a new one to me but totally cool ! I hope you got some video footage to show at your DD's 21st - how funny would that be - LOL.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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