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How much does your 7 mth Olds weigh? Lock Rss

Lachlan weights 11.3 kg, What are other 7 months old bubbaz Weighing?

Amelie is only just 7 months but she's 9.5kilo's...
At 7 months my dd weighed 7.8kgs... She is now almost 10 months and weighs about 9kgs, yet she eats and eats and eats!!

All 3 of my children were 9kg at 9 mths but every baby is different
Leo's 7 months 2 weeks and weighs 12.5kg (sounds like a chubba, I know lol. But, he's nearly 86cm tall so he's actually a bit lean).
jazz is 8.2 kilos but was only 2.7kilos at birth,

every bubs are different.
Last time i had DD weighed she was 6months and weighed in at 8.2kg.

DD - 27/08/07 DS - 5/01/10

from memory around 7kg but she's a littly...13.5 months and 8.8kg
[Edited on 12/05/2008]
I haven't had my bubba weighed since she was 6 mths but at that appt she was only 6.5kgs. She's a lil 1 but eats and drinks sometimes like theres no tomorrow lol. Her next appt is at 8.5mths smile

mum to Maddison born 29.09.07 - 3 angel babies (1

My little girl is 7 1/2 months and she weighs 7.9kg.

Kyan is 7 months 1 week and he weighs 8.8kg.


My baby joel at 7mths is only 7.9kg the nurse said this is normal for a baby that is crawling at 6mths and that he burns most of his food of n seconds! I mean he doesnt stop moving!

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