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Just wanted to know if anyone has used the Sleep right, Sleep tight book? I've ordered it online and desperate to start. My little boy 3 months now is really hard to settle.


Just i used this book for my first. he was about 5months old and became really hard to settle or settle himself. It was really good. I am now using it to teach my daughter to self settle now, shes 8 months.
My sister in law recommended it, she found it great!
Hope it goes well, just remember you really have to persist and dont back off on what you do.
Do you breastfeed your boy?
Hi, I used the settling techniques from 'It's time to Sleep' in the sleep section. It worked well for my DS at 4 mths and I also took his dummy off him. He cried and fought it for a couple of days but I would have to say after less than a week I would put him in his cot and walk out the room and most of the time he would just grizzle and go to sleep.

I also have the Tizzie Hall book 'Save our Sleep' but mainly for the routines they are great.

Don't be afraid to let you DS cry it doesn't hurt them, I had to let my DS cry and very loudly too when he did nothing but fight settling techniques when he was 5 mths.
I don't have the book but have been battling lately with settling my boy and I put a radio in his room and bingo he slept through from 7 till 5 .
Good luck with the book though


Posted by: mum2daniel

Don't be afraid to let you DS cry it doesn't hurt them, I had to let my DS cry and very loudly too when he did nothing but fight settling techniques when he was 5 mths.

No it doesn't hurt them, BUT it is your baby's only way of letting you know that they NEED something. What baby learns is that if they cry, no one comes so yes they stop crying, but at what cost?

If bubs has a really high fever in the middle of the night but does not cry because they have been "trained" to know that crying doesn't get them what they want, which is attention from mum or dad, how would you feel? Society has told us that these babies are "good" babies, but I don't see it like that. If Alex is crying I go and see what he needs, and in the long run this creates LESS work for me than if I choose to ignore the crying to see if he will stop. He started sleeping through the night at 7 months with NO training from us and no tears.

This is not a go at anyone who chooses to let their babies "cry it out", just a reminder that they cry for a reason.


Yes I do agree that baby's cries should be tended to and checked. AND don't all the sleep 'cry it out' technique practice just that? You do go in and check the baby but for a set time. And keep going in to check or pat baby from time to time. Isn't that how all the books on sleep technique work? I don't know as I have not bought any books, I'm just assuming thats all. Although, I've tried the Huggies suggestion on sleep settling and you do go in to check on baby and stay with baby. Seem to work. Baby do cry but not cry for an unlimited time.

Generally that is what they try to teach, but my point was that all you are really teaching them is that crying won't get them anything so they may not be tired, but are being "forced" to sleep when they don't want to and the side effect is that they stop crying.

I just don't think I see the point in creating extra work for myself by having to go in every 5 or 10 minutes, possibly for hours, when if I fed him to sleep or rocked him, IF he was tired he'd be asleep in 15 minutes, in bed and I could get on with what needed doing. Maybe I'm just lazy? LOL

I guess my other point was that we didn't have to "train" Alex to settle, this is just something he did on his own, and at night, if he's crying and doesn't want to be rocked and he's put in bed he's straight to sleep so for us, his crying can mean "put me to bed" instead of crying BECAUSE he's in bed if that makes any sense. The problem with those books is that they base it on the assumption that ALL babies are the same, and they're not. For us, it's alot easier to just go with what works, this goes for DS1 as well, and when they are ready they do it vs trying to "make" them do it when they don't want to.

So as I said, not got an issue with people who do it, just don't get WHY sometimes. At the end of the day we want to do what is best, but sometimes that is chucking out the book that says feed them to a schedule and "sleep train" them and just enjoy them and do what works for THEM, even if it's not what we'd choose. If it were up to me, DS2 would still be co-sleeping, and if not, he'd still be in our room but he refuses to co-sleep any longer and he actually sleeps better now that he is in his own room.

For anybody having issues with babies who don't sleep, hope it gets better soon.


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