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Swimming pool safety Lock Rss


I am mum to 6 mth old Thomas. We have just signed a contract for a pool (due to be put in in Jan 06). We live in Townsville, North Queensland and will use it every day. I have been taking Thomas to swimming lessons since he was 4 mths. Not that I would call it swimming, but he loves the water and has learnt to hold his breath when his head is under water.

I have heard of a safety device that can be fitted to the pool so it alarms if the water is disturbed. Not that Thomas will be allowed in the pool or outside by himself it is just to have another safety measure in place. Has anyone heard of them and if so where could I get?

I have heard of them, floating things that sound an alarm if the water is disturbed is one type I have seen. Best bet would probably to get in touch with Pool places. If they can't help you then they might not be available in Australia but I'd find that hard to believe. Otherwise, the internet is bound to come up with something smile

Good to hear you are looking into all safety options available, you can never be too safe around water with kiddys.
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