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Anybody know why??? Lock Rss

Just wondering if anybody elses baby around 4 months has had bottle feeding issues? My little man has gone from drinking around 180mls every 3-4 hours to only drinking around 120mls every 4 hours, if I try to feed him more he just screams and won't take any more. I know it's not wind because he does big burps when I wind him. Anybody got any ideas as to whats going on with my little guy? Any help what be great thanks.
im breast feeding, my boys nearly 15weeks but has been feeding for a shorter period, but he seems to be doining fine so im not worried at alll.


My DS did exactly the same thing around that age and we still have a battle at times.

My childcare nurse said that in the first 3-4 months a baby rapidly puts on weight therefore they drink really well but between 4-6 months they may slow down a bit as their growth rate is not so rapid.

I was concerned so I took DS to the doctor but he said that as long as he was having plenty of wet nappies and putting on weight then all was fine.

It appears to be a common thing but to put your mind at ease maybe get your DS checked by the doctor.

Good luck, as I know it can be frustrating.

At around 4 months - your bubs starts to notice the world around them. Therefore, it makes feeding much more difficult. They don't want to sit still and drink. I went thru major breast refusal issues at that time.

You might want to try feeding them in a dark room. Make sure that there are no other noises. DS still stops feeding if he hears someone coming or something loud on the TV.

Even now - we feed DS in bursts more than one solid feed. He goes on - then comes off and then keeps repeating this. It can be quite frustrating at times, but it seems to be the only way he feeds. He pushes the boob/bottle away and then pulls it back to continue and just keeps repeating. It is a lot easier to feed him in the morning when there are less distractions and noise.

Hope it helps you understand. As above, I know it's frustrating also. Just keep trying.

Mine did the same thing. By 5.5mths I started solids. I read that when baby's tummy starts to grow bigger they are able to store more food and therefore can stay full longer. I wouldn't worry about it too much. As long as baby is growing and developing all right and is alert.

Might take into consideration that he might be teething. The first tooth might not come until 7mths but my son was already drooling at 3 plus mths. And his first tooth appeared at 7mths. Sometimes the teeth could be bothering him.
My 8 month old is luck to drink that much each bottle except in the mornings just give them what they want and don't force the issue.

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Hey JHeape,

My DS is nearly 4 months, growing so quickly! My mum is a nurse so thankgod ive always had someone a phone call away to say is this right and am i doing the right thing? my DS a couple of weeks a go went from drinking 200ml to 100ml for about a wk and a half! i was terrified as to why he was doing that, but a phone call to my mum explained she said, that when babies go through their growth spurts, each reacts differently. sleep more, drink less, and then dominic, my son, grew! it may be that, as it was with mine. he is now drinking 200ml each bottle now

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My little girl ended up having reflux.
could be something to think about.
she was a bit younger when we went to the paed and found out what it was but she would spit the bottle out after 120mls and scream. i would be luck to get 2 to 3 bottles into her a day.

i got fed up and took my little girl to the docs and they referrred me to paed and now she is so much better and has since come off the medication that helped her and she is going great guns


Hi, its normal for babies to cut down their fluid intake at that age as they dont need as much, though they still will put on weight. Mine is doing the same thing he is 5 months and gone gone from 220mls to 180mls.
Babies will alway drink as much as they need.
Hey I'd say have you checked your sons gums he may just be teething and feeding with sore gums does affect their feeding habits. I wouldn't worry too much as long as he stays a healthy weight but dont hesitate to take him to the doctor if you are still unsure about everything. My daughter was the same the moment she started teething she would eat less and even sometimes cry at the sight of a bottle when it was time for a feed.

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