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Baby Standing @ 7 months Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone knows of any babies that could pull themselves up and hold onto furniture at 7 months, MIL reckons that my husband was doing this at that age?
Hi, the day before my DS turned six months he started crawling (properly)perfected sitting unaided for a decent amount of time and the day after he started pulling himself up to stand at people or furniture (very scary stuff - no balance!)
From what others have told me this is pretty early but some babies are more physical than others. My little boy is now 9 months and has the attention span of a canary and never stays still (seriously never!) whereas my eldest (now 3 1/2) did everything on average was very placid and was content to sit and play with you for short periods of time.
DS has just turned 7 months and is pulling himself up to standing holding onto furniture. He crawled properly at 6.5 months and has just started pulling himself up. Two other boys in my coffee group are also pulling themselves up at 7 months. I am told that this is quite early but obviously not totally uncommon.

Just an aside my mum said I crawled at 5.5 months and walked at 9 months so I guess some babies are just early movers!

Jackson 28.10.07 and Madeleine 16.12.09

Both my nieces and I were up and standing at 7 months and walking by 8. Looks like your going to have a little mover on your hand - LOL

My DD was pulling herself up at 7.5 months (5.5 months corrected) this is early but not unheard of. Most babies aren't doing this until 9-11 months though.
My little girl pulled herself up at 6 mths 4 weeks. Walked at 9mths 4 weeks. Running fast at 12 mths. She was born 36 weeks.

My son is now 10mths and stands without holding onto anything. Stays in that position for 4-5 seconds. He did his 2 steps a couple of days ago. He pulled himself up when he was between 7-8mths. Can't remember the exact age.
My DS was crawling at 4 mths and walking at 7 mths. My DD now 6mths can only just hold her head up, i dont think she will be crawling until at least 9mths. Babys are all so different.
DD was crawling and pulling herself up onto furniture at 5months. That said, she didn't completely walk (without crawling at all) until she was 12months! lol!

So yeah, DD was definately pulling herself up by 7months.
Why's that? Did you think MIL was telling ya porkies?! lmao!

DS, now 8 months, was pulling himself up on the furniture a couple of months ago and was starting to cruise around the 7 month mark. My brother was cruising by 6.5 months and walking unassisted at 7 months.

I don't suppose it's particularly common but, it's certainly not uncommon either.
my first child now nearky 3 was crawling and pulling himself up at 5 months it was very funny and scary to see such a lil thing doing that he was also walking at 8 months i now have 3.5 month twins who are doing the same things he was at that age they get right up on the hands with there head as high as they can go and they move there lil legs at a hundred mile an hour im dreeding it when they start getting around

TJae 09/10/05 Chloe 22/02/08 Emily 22/02/0

my hubbie was walking at 6 1/2 months kinds funny looking at old photos he was soooo little my kids must be lazy DS 1 wasnt walking untill he was 18 months DS 2 was walking at 13 months and i hope DS 3 will be a late one too
Heya Dmummy, My son Dominic pulls him self up and he is nearly 4 months, he rolls both back to belly and belly to back, he pulls him self up and leans up against me and just stands there, he things he is quite fantastic at doing this. He only does this from sitting on me and using my body parts to pull, he cant pull up on anything else, nearly crawling, so close. I have been told that Dominic has developed fast tho, i have no idea from where tho!! i didnt even crawl till a year! haha.

* (¯`._) Dominic 25/02/2008 (¯`._) *

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