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Baby wants to stand up Lock Rss

My bub is almost 4 months old and constantly wants to stand up. i sit her on my lap and she fully supports her head and body and when i hold just her hands she pushes up onto he legs. Somtimes she screams till i let her stand up im worries her legs will go bandy has anyone got any ideas???
Hi Montysmum,

Sounds as though our bub's are both very strong willed and minded!!

My bub was doing the same if not younger.All he wanted to do was stand and his legs were just so strong. Like you I was also was worried but if I didn't let him stand he would get cranky.
My son is now 6 1/2 months and still loves standing. He looks around and smiles and is soooo proud of himself and so are we. We think he may walk before he crawls!!!!!!!

I don't think it hurts them if they only do it for a little while. I think that it makes their little legs stronger.If your worried I would hae a chat to your CHN or paediatrician.They will put your mind at ease.


Mumma 2 Jett 17months

i have three kids, my oldest DS never crawled and walked from 8.5months. He was also one who always wanted to stand so i got him a walker. He is now 7 and plays footy, cricket, soccer, tennis, any sport he wants too these days. He comes home from school and is forever telling us what sport he played at school.
My youngest DS is now 6.5mths and he is very much the same, hates being on the floor, would rather be in the walker but isn't always allowed and boy, does he chuck a tanty. He also doesn't walk on his tippy toes and uses his feet flat on the floor.
He is constantly on the go. I find by putting him in the walker whilst doing the dishes keeps him happy and once i've finished i take him out and we play on the floor for awhile.
Maybe also try a jolly jumper, i never used one but have heard that they're great.

Can I just ask what is "bandy"?
Jeb has put weight on his legs since as far back as I can remember. He's never had a problem and also cracks up if he's not standing. He's got great body control and stands well if you just hold him around the hips or if he's facing me he just hangs on to me. He's trying very hard to crawl at the moment but it looks very difficult for him coz he's such a big boy. The way he's going I too thing he'll walk before he crawls.
Chelsea has been standing on my lap since she was 2 months old. She's very active and alert, and is interested in everything. If your baby wants to stand, then let her. They only do things that they feel they are ready for. Nothing will go wrong with her legs if she does this, except strengthen them, so don't worry!!!!!

Eloise, SA, mum to 5 month old Chelsea

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