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My eight month old daughter has been saying "dad" and "daddy" since she was six months. She is now saying "cat" but STILL won't say "mum".
My husband and I constantly repeat it to her but she just laughs and says "dad"???
What words are your babies saying at what age???
Hi Avas mum,

Your daughter is doing really well compared to my two! My daughter didn't say mum and dad till 12months, but she was tongue tied and that's another story! My son is 9.5 months and the closest he gets to anything audible is da da da, which i think is more babble.

I have heard also that most bubs say dad first as it is easier for them to say!

She will say mum before you know it!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

hi wel my 11mth old talks all the time she has been talking well since she was 7mths old she says dad,mum,nan,dog,hello,hey,gone and now she has started putting 2 words together the other day she said ta ta mumma, mine mumma, here are. i have been so stunned with some of the things she comes out with she loves talking and when she says things they come out so clear.
Hi twinkletoes

Seems as tho your daughter speaks very well for her age which is great.

I think compared to alot of other babies I know Ava spoke quite early. I was told babies either concentrate on mental or physical development?? Ava isn't brialliant physically, she is only just learning how to crawl. So if this is true I guess she's gonna be a great talker but a late walker.

What age did your lil one start to walk??
hi avas mum how u doing? well caprice isnt walking yet she is just getting round the furniture at the moment i dont think she is game enough to let go and take off yet she will when shes ready i guess.
i have a 22mth old nephew and caprice speaks more then him i really am so amazed with the way she speaks my mum is even shocked with some the things she says this morning she was laying in bed with us and she turned round and looked at her dad and said hey dad it is just so cute.
so what words is ava saying?
Hi Twinkle Toes

Hope you had a nice first easter with Caprice.
Wow I can't believe she's putting words together already thats GREAT!!!
It's so cute when they begin to talk. Ava is now saying "dog" "cat" "duck" "dad" "ta" but still not saying Mum!!! Can't wait til she can.
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