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10 month old.....not crawling Lock Rss

Hi all

My DD is 10 months old, and making no attempt whatsoever to crawl.

should I be worried?? alot of babies I know are walking already, pulling themselves up on furniture, and making tracks in the carpet as they zoom around on the floor.

My lil girl has a very strong back and legs, so why isn't she even trying?, as soon as you put her on her tummy, she throws a tantrum till you pick her up!
it's not like tummy time is a new thing for her, we've been doing it since she was a month old...

Ive tried everything, putting her fav toy in front of her....nothing, ive tried sitting on the floor and putting my arms out to her to try to get her to crawl to me but sadly.... nothing .... any suggestions?????

kellie SA chelsea born 22-3-05

If your Child Health Nurse/Doctor isn't concerned than I wouldn't worry. I have heard of a few kids that didn't bother crawling at all and went straight to walking. I even know a boy who at 10 months wasn't even sitting and then a few months later was walking around. All the milestones are just averages and no kid fits them all. She do it when she's good and ready. And if you are still worried in a few months then you can always go to a Pediatrition.
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