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What does your 15 month old weigh? Lock Rss

Hi there,

Just out of interest, what does your 15 month old child weigh?

I have a son and he currently weighs just over 13kgs. He's very tall also. I constantly get comments on what a 'big' toddler he is.


Sandra (28) Liam born 14 Sep 04

Oops, posted this in the wrong forum! Dont' mind my baby brain sad


Sandra (28) Liam born 14 Sep 04

Hey Sandra,
Mitch is 15 and a half months old, he weighs just under 10 and a half kilos, he is very tall also, t\so that'ss why he is underweight on the chart thing in the blue book, but otherwise very healthy. he is little but very tall, just about out of the graph for height!!!
Don't worry, unless a paediatrician or similar tells you he is overweight then he is fine as long as he's happy and healthy!!!
My friends baby is really massive, i mean huge, but when he was sick he lost a lot of weight and they said that if he hadn't of been so big, he would have been sicker as he had the weight behind him as a reserve, if that makes sense?
Anyway, good luck!!!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

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