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should he be doing more Lock Rss

hi my DS is 5 mths 1 week and i dont feel that he is where DD was at the same age. he rolls from his tummy to his back which he struggles to do, has never rolled from his back to his front and is no where near sitting. How do i start solids in 3 weeks if he cant sit up? everyone told me that boys develope faster with their gross motor skills?
I wouldn't be worried

Some of my boys sat at 6mths but a couple didn't sit until 8mths

As to the starting solids, I would put my babies quilt around the boys to support them in the high chair or I would feed them in their rockers
[Edited on 16/06/2008]

i cant remember how old rhylie was when he sat up, not sure where his book is i wrote it in, but i think it was around 6 or 7 mths. he was eating solids before he sat up, i just put him in a high back bouncer
you really shouldnt worry, as every child is different and boy or girl they all develop at differnt rates

to me everything he is doing sounds normal enough
I think the first thing you need to do is STOP comparing your 2 children. It's not fair on either of them and is just setting them up to be in competition with each other all their lives. All kids are different and develop at different rates, even siblings. I had always heard that girls tend to develop quicker than boys anyway.

Having said that I really don't think you have a lot to worry about and he will sit when he is ready. Also if you aren't going to start solids until the recommended 6 mths then you still have 5 weeks before you do and A LOT can happen with a baby developmentally in 5 weeks. Just give him time and space to develop at his own rate and if he's not sitting unsupported by the time you are ready to start solids then I am sure you will find a way even if it means feeding him somewhere other than the high chair or maybe get a highchair that you can lay back a bit.
Don't worry, all babies are different! One day he'll just amaze you and show you all the different things he's learnt. It's so easy to compare one child to another, but he'll do it in his own time smile
Hi, my DS is 5 months tomorrow, he has just started to roll from back to tummy, though gets a bit stuck sometimes. He laughs a lot and sleeps through the night. He's happy and healthy and thats what matters. I'm not in a rush for him to crawl anywhere just yet. lol
my little boy is nearly 5 months and he cant roll at all yet.
bonus is he sleeps through yayyyy.
have started a little solids spits a bit out though.
he sits up well in highchair.

i wouldnt worry too much all are different.

DD1 didn't roll or sit up until 9 months of age.

she is now running at 16 months, so don't be worried.

I went to numerous drs, wasted time and money fretting over it.

Cole couldn't sit on his own until he was 9 months old so we bought a Bumbo chair for feeding. They are good as they are moulded around the legs as well so they keep baby nice and upright. I got it at Big W.


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