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What is your 4mth old doing? Lock Rss

Hi All,

My little man is 17 weeks on Tuesday and I would love to hear from others, what their little ones are doing.. ie, starting to roll over etc..


hi aidens_mum
My lil man is 17 weeks today! YAY 4 months on tuesday. he rolled front to back about 4 weeks and did it twice and has yet to do it again! It doesnt matter if he needs to go anywhere he can count on big bro ( 16 mths) to roll him lol.
he learnt how to blow raspberrieslast week and loves to blow em in his food now. Um.. he doesnt do much else. still not sleeping thru. and he can go form 5:30am on for 8 hours without afeed so i think his feeding and sleeping schedules r a lil mixed up. we go on hoiday tomorrow so we will try fix that up when we get back. He is on 3 solids a day when i remeber, otherwsie mostly dinner.
not sure what els.. oh he is in size 00 almost 0 and weighs 7.6 kilo last week, bout 63 cms long...

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Hi there, my bub is 20 weeks today. She rolled over once 2 weeks ago from front to back and never do it again until now. She can support herself while I put her on the sitting position since 3 days ago, and love it. She prefers to sit down now.
She starts solid 4 weeks ago and now 3 meals a day, but still with fruit and rice cereal all the time.
She will put everything into her mouth and she started to laugh loudly as well.


Hi my little girl is just over four and a half months old. Currently she can roll over from back to tummy and has since about a month ago, she can sit unsupported for about a minute, cackles,l blows rasberries, takes steps when held up on her feet and um.....yeah hope that helps.

Sam, QLD, Ava 11.08.2005, Michala 11.01.2007

Hi All,

My baby girl is 16 weeks, she has been rolling from stomack to back and back again. She sits up and can stand with a little support. She has been in swimming lessons for a while and can go under the water and kick her legs. She loves her food and gets excited when she see's it, and she laughs sooooo much now, at all most anything. And the best thing that just makes me sooo happy, is that she has just started talking she will copy what i say.e.g mumma, dadda, bubba nanna.
hi all,just wanted to add some of the things that my 17 week old baby has been doing, yesterday she started to crawl not to far though cause she got tired, she also lifts out her arms to me when she wants to be picked up, when she sees her bottle she always says bot bot and holds it herself, she has a little bike and when i put her on it she pusehes off with her legs and ends up the otherside of the room we have had a few accidents already, i am not looking forward to her walking.
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