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Toy Rage ! Lock Rss

Is it just my sweet 5 and a half month bub or are other babies showing signs of toy rage? I used to be a nanny and have looked after many babies in my time but this is a new phenonomen to me. My bub has never been the classic baby, she wanted to stand as soon as she was born and has always hated being held in the horizontal position, so life became a lot easier at 3 months when she could handle her jumping joey, loves it looks so proud of herself when shes in it. Then along came toys, from all corners of the world (i'm from England) and along with my extreme excitement came my daughters extreme rage to the point where I have to consfiscate the offending toys. I don't know whether its overstimulation of colours and textures or if she is angry that she can't quite control them as she would like? Some toys have a minute max before the chin goes in and the grunts start another minute and she is out of control and needing a dummy to calm things down.
Any other bubs out there showing signs of this early rage?
That is really interesting !!! DD is really good, happy to give us any-thing she has. We ask her nicely and say taa (etc) - seems to work so far. I have seen a couple of other babies her age getting really funny with toys. One will snatch any-thing my DD has. DD doesn't seem to care, happy enough to play with some-thing else. I haven't seen any little babies get 'toy rage' like you described it. Is it anger? I am curious to hear more about it. I've certainly seen a lot of toddlers get angry over toys.

I'm looking forward to this thread, some-thing I had never really thought or heard of ! Thanks for that, love to learn about new things.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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