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How was your Christmas? Lock Rss

I'd love to hear about every one's first Christmas... and what they got, and what's the favourite toy!

Kayden had a great time getting a ball crawl, and a paddle pool, heaps of little stuff like books and puzzles and cars and trucks, activity table, train set etc. His favourite thing is a little crab that crawls along the ground! its Cute, he crawls after it every where!

We made heaps of home made coloured decorations with heaps of balloons around for kaydens first christmas. Just so it had a BIG party feel to the day! was a big surprise for him, there was chain streamers every where which he couldnt resist to touch - and of course like most kids he loves balloons and wanted them all in the ball crawl with him!

Come on, tell us all what you got up to and what you did that was a little bit special on the day!

Leia -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hay! Christmas was absolutely awesome! I love the look on my childrens faces when they saw the christmas tree! Lilian was too little to understand, but she seemed into things. Liked the wraping paper more i think. But she payed attention to her new toys. Not too sure what her favourite was. Anything noisy! She really likes noise. So we got her a circus train that moves around floor. Will be great when shes crawling. Clothes, Hokey Pokey Elmo, a puppy that she can pull along the ground (also barks), a change to the bigger size carseat and bed! The cutest thing she got was from her big sis, her first hairtie! Christina chose it herself,she also brought Lilian a barbie! Vry cute! Christina's favourite present...... CRAZY FROG, CRAZY HITS!!! He is an anoying thing. But he makes her happy! We didnt get up to much. Relaxing day at home. Didnt want to upset Lilians routine by dragging her around to anothers houses. So stressfree!! My partner decided to have no visitors until after lunch. Which was abosolutely fantasic!! We were goin to beach to cook sausages for tea, but it rained. Never mind. It was still a great day! My favourite present? ....DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON on DVD!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone else had a awesome day! grin
I was suprised that DD enjoyed the whole present thing - much more than we expected. She totally loves new toys, any-thing noisy and shiney - so cute. I am really impressed with the Fisher Price Peek-a-boo block sets. DD got three different types from 'Santa' - quite reasonably priced too.

We did the present thing in shifts between DD's sleeps. That worked well as she had time to play with one toy, get bored with it - have a nap then wake to another toy - LOL.

I have to say princess leia, that I love your home made decorations - what a fantastic idea. I will certainly keep that in mind for next chrissy. You will have to put another post up leading to next year with some great tips for what to make. I will forget by then no doubt - ha ha ha !!!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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