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when to turn car seat around? Lock Rss

Hi all

I've been told confliciting info about when to turn your babies car seat around. On an American website it said at 1 yr of age, and I thought it was at 8 kilo's?

My little girl is 5.5 mths old and is due for her 6mth checkup in a couple of weeks. Her last visit was 4 months and she weighed 5.990 i'm hoping she is getting closer to the 8kilo mark as it's getting really hard to get her in and out of my 2 door lancer! I have to lift her over the straps and almost always bump her head on the rood trying to lift her out! Poor child lol.


Talk to you chn when you see her and see what she says. I waited till mine were 8kg to turn them around as I was advised that they then have better control over their head/neck. However a few mums at a mothers group I go to did it earlier because there babies hated it in the car and were happier when they turned them.
The reason for the rearward facing is to help protect them better in an accident. I would wait if you could but it's up to you. You might find that at your 6mth check up she may be close enough to the weight and can change her around anyway.

"jill of all trades"

I also have one of those annoying 2 door lancers, look great just not practicle with a baby i turned my son around at 6 months he was a bit under 8 kilo. it used to drive me carazy gettting him in and out of the lancer when he was backwards, it is stil really hard getting him in and out but it is much easier. i hope for your sake that bubs is big enough at her next checkup to be turned around.

Sarah and Kai almost 1year 6 teeth and walking

Hi, well im going to be the odd one out on this topic. My bub is just about 5 months old and I turned her arond a month ago. I felt she was ready for it, she can completely hold her own neck and torso up, and until i turned her around she screamed every time i placed her in the car. She was a bit funny with it for about a week.. u know getting used to it, but now she loves it. She was about 6 kilos when i turned her. Hope this helps

Sam, QLD, Ava 11.08.2005, Michala 11.01.2007

Hi, I have just turned the car seat around my baby is 7 months old and weighs approximately 8kg. I turned it around because we were going on a holiday and it was going to take 5 hours of driving before we arrived and I wanted to be able to see her and make sure she was okay. I have heard 2 different stories one is that they must weigh 8kg the other is when they are strong enough to support their head and neck.

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