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hi everyone,
is it just me or does anyone else agree with me? On christmas day my other halfs parents came over and had chrissy lunch (they have just moved back to darwin and its the second time they have seen there grandson since he was born) we opened pressies and stuff when i look over to find my other halfs father giving my 10 month old son WHITE CHOCOLATE grrrrr i told him i didnt want him eating that stuff and he ignored me and just kept feeding it to him i think i told him at least 6 times and he wouldnt listen it made me so angree. Does anyone else find it wrong to give a 10month old chocolate?

mum of little boy who thinks his 30


My daughter is 7 1/2 months and I was my family chrissi lunch when my uncle walked in with a caramelo koala, I said no I was firm and because I know people do this stupid things I didn't let her leave my sight!

I'm not a very nice person when it comes to people thinking they have the right to choose what my child does, as I've had alot of you should do this and that. I told them including my grandparents and mother nicely that they've had their kids so leave mine alone.

I haven't had anything happen yet but if I saw it I would say don't give her that and if I was ignored the 1st time about the chocalate cause it's a huge no no for my girl!! I would have marched over and took her right off his lap and said "I told you she's not eating that, what makes you think you can feed her whatever you like!".

I may seem like i'm going over board but i would not let chocalate touch her lips! not yet anyway, too much cafine. It makes me angry just reading your message, if it were me I would have flipped out! But i'm just one of those people that my family know to just stay outta my way.
I don't believe in giving bubs chocolate or sweets of any kind until they are about 4 - 5. Afterall, if they don't know what they are they won't want them.
I haven't had the same trouble with the inlaws yet but I'm sure I will. I fly out for Tassie on Sunday to see them.
But on Christmas Day, my daughters father gave our almost 91/2 month old daughter a candycane to suck on .. with the wrapping on as well!!
I'm sure some people just have no idea!

Kelly (23) Brisbane, mum to Tahlia 11months

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