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Sleeping over Lock Rss

Hi there,

My daughter is nearly eight months old and going to stay at her nanna'a house for the first time new years eve. As much as i would like a night out with my husband , the thought of not waking up to her in the morning sickens me.
I don't want her to be a clingy baby and know i have to let go, but i still don't like the thought of her staying over.
Am I being silly and selfish by saying that I would prefer my mother in law comes to stay at our house??

Kate, Bree 4/5/05 & Gemma 8/2/07

I know exactly how you feel. I don't even want to think about the first time I'll ever send the night away from my little man. I'm probably even worst than you in the fact that I don't think I even trust anyone to look after Jeb except for me or his daddy. I only have 1 person I trust to look after him during the day and that's my SIL and even she worries me sometimes. I don't think your being silly or selfish in saying you'd prefer you MIL to stay at your house. As it is anyway it may be easier for her as bub will know where she is and may not worry as much that your not there. As long as your MIL does the same sort of routine as what you do with her she might be really good where as you might run the risk of bub playing up with MIL then getting a grumpy bub back the next day(which won't be nice after a night on the grog...LOL!!!). Plus you won't have to pack up the entire house just for bub to sleep over just one night. And is your MIL confident and had a bit of time looking after her on other occasions? She may feel better about being where bub is comfortable. Just ask her...what's the harm in that?
I sorry if I just added to your worries but I just thought I'd add a few question that you mightn't of thought of. I'm all for mummy's and daddy's get out and have a life other than the one that revolves around kids but if your not comfortable with your choice than it may not let you relax the way you should.......but then again a few rums and I'm pretty relaxed!!! LOL!!!!!
I dont think you are being silly at all, i have my son looked after one night a week and i play netball its only for about an hour and i still have either my sister or mum come to my house to watch him, if i was going out for the night i would get them to stay over our house. just explain to your MIL that it is much easier for you if she stays over your house to watch bubs so that everything is there for bubs nothing can be forgeten you dont need to bring lots of toys fro her to play with, and that bubs will go to sleep better and stay asleep better if she is in her own cot instead of another cot or portacot.
You will feel much better leaving her if you know she is at your house you know that your house is baby safe and that everything she needs is there, and she will be there when you come home.

Sarah and Kai almost 1year 6 teeth and walking

Hi Kate. No your not being silly in asking if your mother in law come stay at your house!!! I would prefer that.
But personally, I am not ready to let anyone look after my bub overnite...not even her father (we are seperated) and bub is only almost 9 1/2 months old.

Kelly (23) Brisbane, mum to Tahlia 11months

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