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outgrown baby clothes Lock Rss

Hi to all,

Is it just me or has everyone got piles and piles of outgrown baby clothes ?

If you have what have you done with these? How have you stored them away and does anyone know how to stop the whites turning yellow ?...I heard wrapping in blue tissue paper helped but i am not sure if i got that right.

Look forward to hearing from you all
Maria ( 9 month old daughter )

NSW - 1st child baby girl

Hi Maria

Yep, my bub has heaps of clothes that he's outgrown. I've just gone through all of them (where on earth did he get so many clothes??) and sorted them out. Anything too old looking etc I put into bags for the salvos/brotherhood bins. Everything else I have put into plastic boxes and stored in his cupboard for our next baby.

If you're not planning on anymore kids, perhaps you could sell anything that still has where left in it on eBay. If not, just store it away. Just make sure the clothes are in containers that the moths wont be able to get in to eat the clothes. As for stopping them yellowing...I have no idea. I didnt realise they yellowwed in storage. Perhaps wash them with napi san or something when you're ready to use them again to get rid of the yellow?

Hi, yes apparently, wrapping whites in blue tissue is suppose to stop them turning yellow. i can't vouch for it though as my bubs clothes have only started to go into storage 6mths ago. And yes i wrapped them in blue tissue paper! I also popped a couple a moth balls (the natural wooden things) into the boxes, so hopefully all is ok for whenever we need them again.

mum of 1

It's incredible how many clothes you manage to accumulate for one little person, isn't it? I washed a lot of my first daughters clothes and stored them in plastic containers with cedar balls in our roof for our next child. Six years later(!!) when our twins arrived I unpacked them and found that some of them had yellowish discolouration and smelt of sour milk. I don't know if this was our washing machine at the time but everything was washed and looked clean when I packed them away. However the majority of the clothe were fine (if a little dated). I'veheard about the blue tissue paper too. It's worth a try. NOw that the twins are 9 months old I am keen to clear out too small clothes to make room. I thought I might try Ebay for the nicer clothes. Has anyone used Ebay?
I have prevented the packed away baby clothes of my kids from going yellow by preventing moisture from forming. Any residual food, drink or vomit stains will potentially yellow with time. Treat stains before packing with napisan and prewash spray. Oxyaction is good. Dry them thoroughly and fold neatly. They are much more fun to unpack later!! I then place pieces of white chalk between the layers of clothes to absorb any possible moisture. This really works. This should all help to eliminate the possibility of yellowing or mildew. The cedar moth balls are a good idea too, that someone mentioned earlier. Good luck.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Hi I have used Ebay. I havn't bought any kiddies clothes though. Once we finish our family, I will put the good stuff on ebay and prob the not so good stuff as well. There are heaps of pages of baby clothes for sale. Some (the not so good stuff) starting at $1. I figure I may as well sell them, even if it's only $1.


mum of 1

Hi i have also used Ebay, it is a great way of getting rid of things that you no longer need. I generally sell my baby clothes in lots as you tend to make a tad more money that way rather than just selling each item seperatley. Just an idea anyway.
As for storing clothes i have only used cardboard boxes and then placed a plastic shopping bag on top and taped it shut, i have had no problems at all with moths. (maybe i'm just lucky)
As for whites discolouring.... i have no idea. Never tried blue tissue paper, does anyone know why this stops them from yellowing?.

Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

yeh me too i hear ya,, some of my lil girls have only been worn once twice,, shes a spoiled lil poo ha ha smile Ive also sold a few things on ebay... its quite popular. smile

kylie (30) from munno para

Hi Maria,

I've stashed away my five month olds' first clothes & yes its unbelievable how much he has!

I'm using those Space bags you can buy from Target. You have heaps of extra room because they do squash the clothes nice & compact. As for if they will turn yellow I'm not sure, but I've also stored my wedding dress this way.

I've never heard of the white chalk idea but it sounds like a good idea too.

Kylie, NSW mum to Jamie 9/2/04 + Grace 1/2/07

hey maria, I have used ebay, and sold a lot of bub's clothes that way. It was really easy to set up and I made a reasonable profit. Also I have found quite a few bargains on ebay as well. Sometimes you can pick up bulk buys that have a range of sizes for fast growing bubs. It's worth checking out if you have time. Beware though it can be addictive scrolling through all the items listed because they all look so good and you want to buy them all especially if they are a bargain. I try to set myself a limit per month and not go over it. On the other hand, I have also saved a lot of Neishas' things that she looked really cute in or were gifts from special people, and of course the knitted things that you get are never parted with ( these were things that I wore 30 yrs ago that my mum saved!!!) If packed correctly they never go off. I've had two children in them. I generally pack them in freezer bags with a lavender sachet (not touching clothes) and all the air pushed out and sealed. Then all the bags go into a big plastic box that can be sealed and stored in the top of my cupboard. For 30 years old some of the things looked brand new!

best of luck , Annie

qld, 10yr boy, 14mth girl

having 3 boys in quick succession meant that they have had lots of wear the reaaly little ones i gave to friends & have sold some at the trash& treasure markets

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I was thinking the same thing just last night. We want to keep them all for know as Jacob is our first baby and definetly want more. Today I am going to get either those vaccum bags or the under bed storage zip up things.

Rach - Boy 03.02.04 & Girl 10.01.06

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